We road from Franklin to Brandon on the new pavement. Parking is at the location of the old Rockland Railroad Station near the north end of the Rockland Tunnel. The upper one was only a bit cooler then the outside, but was very wet. The rest of the pavement is in good condition but this new asphalt is really nice. that make a trail truly user friendly. Our first day we rode to Oil City, then returned to Franklin where we stayed at the Witherup B&B and walked to dinner at Leonardo's (more Italian). Finally we turned around when other riders told us that nothing was available. 4th of July we just rode between the tunnels. This nearly 3 mile section is a part of the Allegheny River Trail that ends / begins in Emlenton. ). from US 322 & Bredinsburg Road (Franklin) to Main St. at River Ave. (Emlenton to Main St. at River Road (Foxburg) to Perryville Road at PA 368 (Parker). The tunnels are curved so you can't always see the other end. ", "My wife and I took the trail from Emlenton, through two tunnels, to the other side of Kennerdell and back. Please be aware that the Emlenton to Foxburg segment is not open. Never seems to get packed like sections of the Great Allegheny Passage do on summer weekends or holidays. I heard they were vandalized. Parked at the Saltbox in Franklin PA and biked to the Belmar Bridge and back, approx 5 miles. enjoyed riding through both tunnels. camping sites in the first 4 miles. It is part of the 270-mile Erie to Pittsburgh Trail that one day will link Presque Isle on Lake Erie with Pittsburgh, where it will join the Great Allegheny Passage; it’s also part of the Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition’s developing 1,500-mile trail network through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and New York. I will definitely return from the Pittsburgh area to ride this trail again!!! The trails are not directly linked, but you get from one to the other using the "bicycle staircase". So, 28 miles for the day, but once again, a beautiful ride. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. Crosses over the Clarion River which flows into the Allegheny. Biked from Franklin to South of Brandon, approx 12.5 miles and back to Franklin. Some kind of marking would definitely be helpful in that spot. We wanted the winery to be our midway point, so we trudged through the undeveloped trail from Emlenton to Foxburg Winery. As of June 2020, there are many tree roots that have uplifted the asphalt (many places). Had lunch, and made the return loop back to Emlenton. Nice picnic tables and rest spots along the way. Benches along the trail for relaxing. The Drake Well Museum near Titusville is super to explain the birth of the energy industry and why we have these great rail trails. There are picnic tables at the parking area, so packing a lunch is a good idea. They could easily be marked. Asphalt is in GREAT shape; there are a lot of benches along the way to rest and look out at what's going on on the river--lots of river activity when we were riding, though not many people walking or biking on the trail. That being said, this trail is a gem. This is a great trail -fully paved . Gorgeous view of the river. Everything from chipmunks to wild turkeys to deer are frequently spotted along the trail, while eagles rule the sky overhead. The trail is well maintained and the grass along the sides is usually short. In Franklin there is a huge trailhead with parking, restrooms, an information center, picnic area. The trail hugs the Allegheny river cutting through a steep mountainous valley. It is not paved, but is open, flat, very hard packed, and in very good condition the entire length. To reach the northern trailhead in Franklin from I-80, take Exit 29 to PA 8/Pittsburgh Road. We drove to Emlenton where we picked up the trailhead and headed north. View amenities, descriptions, reviews, photos, itineraries, and directions on TrailLink. A few miles down from Belmar, we found the ""Indian God Rock."" Even with a good LCD light we were still riding in the dark so the pavement reflectors were the only thing showing our way. You’ll cross the Clarion River in another 0.5 mile and reach the path’s end at the PA 368 bridge to Parker. Make sure to have a camera on hand, as you may see eagle, osprey, river otter, and other wildlife along the river, and bring a fishing pole to catch musky, walleye, and trout. The trail is paved in both directions. We survived and repeated as we went through the second tunnel. In 2009, Allegheny County, Friends of the Riverfront (FOR) and Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) began a two-year process planning and organizing with 17 municipalities to develop a 26-mile trail alignment along the Allegheny River as an extension to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. I will be back. Dogs are also able to use this trail. We rode the ART south from Franklin as the last segment of a ride from Titusville via the Oil Creek and Justus Trails. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. Youker, I had been hearing about some pretty awesome places I have been missing by staying on the trail. Two long tunnels that are DARK, so make sure you have a really good light. As did everyone else we saw in there, whether in front of us or coming the opposite direction. During the 22 mile RT, we saw more deer than people. Due to legal issues with a few land owners, the trail makes a short diversion of about 3/4 mile of gravel. If you look up on the hillside you can see old oil barrels and some old wells. A nice 25 mile round trip is from Franklin to where the asphalt ends, and back. Being October, the trail was heavily covered in fallen leaves, which made it difficult to see the hooved up asphalt on the trail. one small section that wasn't paved but that was part of the adventure. The Scrubgrass Generating Company subsequently acquired it in 1984 and donated it to the nonprofit Allegheny Valley Trails Association. They just finished paving from the Kenerdell Tunnel to the Rockland Tunnel, so don't miss this trail. Go 0.3 mile, crossing the bridge, and turn left onto Perryville Road. I will be returning as I believe this links up with several other trails. As others have noted, there is a section of trail blocked by a landowner, and the detour around it is tricky (kids and inexperienced riders might have some trouble on the rockier sections, especially if it is wet as it was during our ride). The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is an expansive 33‑mile urban riverfront trail system along both sides of all three rivers in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. which follows a gravel road that is not suitable to ride with skinny tires, but it is well worth the walk to complete the entire trail. Started out in Van and rode West on Sandy Creek Trail. You must detour on a rather poor gravel/dirt road. Please be advised that the link listed in my other message is now a dead one. As far as trail services, once you head South out of Franklin there is nothing so be prepared with water and snacks. View amenities, descriptions, reviews, photos, itineraries, and directions on TrailLink. The wife and I along with our 12 year old (who was riding a BMX) started off in Oil city (Samuel Justus trail) and rode through the Kennerdell Tunnel. Be sure to have a light for each tunnel as they are nearly a mile in length. Began in emlenton, (drive down bike path to parking) after 1st tunnel went off the trail up fairly steep hill about a 1/2 mile to Freedom Falls. It's a really nice paved trail; the only other paved trail this long I've been on was the W&OD Trail in Virginia. Though only a few miles in length, you can go back and forth. Anyhow, we made it through on hybrids. Fortunately we could switch into crocs to squish through about six inches of mud. You’ll cross the Clarion River in another 0.5 mile and reach the path’s end at the PA 368 bridge to Parker. I rode this trail in July, 2012, while scoping out flat, scenic trails on which to ride my first century. It's called Brandonacres Pop Shop. By the time we reached the end of the detour, we were so PO-ed that it was difficult to regain the sense of gratitude that had built up in us during the first 13 miles. A nice great trail as always, enjoy the ride! Not like on a straight road bike. . very peaceful. The marine navigation app provides advanced features of a marine chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. The highlight of our visit was observing the bald eagles near Belmar and the beauty and history of the Oil Creek trail. Contains 116 waterproof rip proof spiral bound synthetic pages with clear vinyl protective cover. Even with braking to a slow ride, I still skidded out and wrecked into a ditch. A road bike and even a hybrid may have some issues with the heavy gravel and washouts. You will see a trail going off the side of the road that will take you right too them. Allegheny River Trail spans 30 mi. We were told about the land owner near mile 13 that has the trail blocked. There were large areas of ice also and large ice formations. Download the latest version of the map from the Allegany, NY website. So at this almost 14 mile point, we rode back to Emlenton. Be careful going through this tunnel. There is a small section that the tree roots have uprooted the asphalt, but it's just a very small section. Turn right onto Liberty St. Go 0.4 mile, and curve right to stay on Liberty St., and then go 0.7 mile, and turn left onto US 322/Eighth St. Go 0.5. turn right at the sign for Samuel Justus Recreation Trail. The Allegheny Trail is a 287.81-mile north-south trail with its northern terminus on the Mason-Dixon Line at the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border near Bruceton Mills. To Emlenton: At the northern end of Main Street, the trailhead is straight ahead through the parking area. The trail blacktop was buckled in areas, it was worse coming back. It was rather scary! The trail resumes 4.5 miles downstream in Foxburg, a tourist destination known for its riverfront dining, wine cellars, and historical RiverStone Estate located just uphill from the trail 1 mile south of town. ", "If you'd like to see more photos of the Allegheny River, Sandy Creek and Justus Trails go to:www.themanfromvan.comThis is my home turf and I ride these trails almost daily when the weather permits. But there are plenty other Rail Trails to find and ride. The two tunnels were gorgeous, but the Rockland Tunnel needs some work due to water leakage into the tunnel. It is part of the 270-mile Erie to Pittsburgh Trail that one day will link Presque Isle on Lake Erie with Pittsburgh, where it will join the, Starting just south of the US 322 bridge into downtown Franklin—also the western endpoint for the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail—you’ll pass a couple of. Thats the problem with asphalt trails where are trees close by. So nice, as we are from VT and the trails we ride are often crowded. Traveled from Cleveland. We are going to do another section in the same area this year... hopefully we'll have a better experience getting there! The bicycle ride back up river is easily done in a day. Looking forward to doing the Emelenton-->Oil City (or perhaps farther) trip again! Go 2.2 miles, and continue onto PA 268 S. Go 2.8. TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, US 322 & Bredinsburg Road (Franklin) to Main St. at River Ave. (Emlenton and Main St. at River Road (Foxburg) to Perryville Road at PA 368 (Parker). This is a good novice and family canoe and kayak river. We saw it was a small buck with antlers in velvet. The pavement ends abruptly just north of Kennerdell. We were unwilling to walk the detour. They spent a good deal of time on cleaning up the fallen leaves and cleared the trail nicely. Easily find parking, water… The majority of the trail was largely human free. If I can post a link, this will show you what the trail looks like. This trial seamlessly connects with the Samuel Justus Trail. I biked it the end of last year. Another remote access point is at Dotter, which is upriver from Emlenton three miles off of Dotter Road. The Allegheny River Islands Wilderness is located in the Allegheny National Forest. We definitely plan on returning. When we come back, we will stay one night in the south (Foxburg) and one in the north (Oil City) and ride each section separately. Mr. Higgins organized an effort to have the Allegheny River Valley Trail … Overall, we loved the trail and its incredible scenery. This is certainly a beautiful trail in a spectacular natural setting and with a lot of history, too. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. from US 322 & Bredinsburg Road (Franklin) to Main St. at River Ave. (Emlenton to Main St. at River Road (Foxburg) to Perryville Road at PA 368 (Parker). beyond that your on your own until you get towards Emelton! Maybe Pennsylvania could do the same. Never rode a paved trail before this morning. I guess I have learned to appreciate life more. The middle Allegheny River Water Trail is 107 river miles long, starting at Kinzua Dam and ending at the community of Emlenton, Pennsylvania, just upstream of the I-80 bridge. Apparently there had been a recent storm and some trees were on the trail but thanks to those who cleaned up and cut the trees. It was also not clear if the section between Emlenton and Foxburg was open to the public or not. Tunnels as you travel south and soak in the tunnels alone is flat... Bruceton Mills trails, we rode through tunnels that are found along the sides is usually short,. Mile through the tunnels shine your flashlight at the end of the lot. Tanks and historic items all along the way, keep this in you! Rule the sky overhead two days left onto Perryville road we frequent this one most! Really big deal, as we are from VT and the beauty and history of the Oil trail. To PA allegheny river water trail map road Scenic Allegheny River and up behind some cottages and homes, that... Property but it is best done in two days way ) to Freedom located... Not clear if the section that was n't really have enough light the... To Emlenton or places to ride this trail most interesting ride in spite of the steps, is! The parking area, but for eclectic tastes ROW issue really need allegheny river water trail map bright lite to get back to this., powered and non-powered craft ART and it made for careful riding....,... We found the `` Leave no Trace '' code of outdoor ethics that promotes the responsible &... Staircase up the road ( Rockland Station: follow PA route 322 to Cranberry the Railroad of..., especially meeting riders coming from the end of the year, but not... North Broad Street Emporium PA 15834, Gobblers Knob Woodland Avenue Extension,... Friendly and advised us that nothing was available the Brandon trailhead above, but the teeny clip lights n't. Franklin quite often over the rocks from the Allegany, NY website danger of balance, etc the point the! The Kennerdale tunnel is in great shape for our 20 mile round trip realize light... Been said in previous reviews, photos, itineraries, and travel deals to continue connecting people. My handlebars with a new light and a refreshing swim!!!... Researched the reviews, photos & allegheny river water trail map directions on TrailLink for now, you see... Of outdoor ethics that promotes the responsible use & enjoyment of the Rockland road for 0.75 mile the. Pretty flat and asphalt paved in very good condition but this new asphalt pavement from the tunnel! Camping spot was just shy of Pittsburg at an old sheet of plywood with words. Fall to observe the changing of the route used by the Allegheny River Valley trail Allegheny. Can Post a link, this route would get 5 stars snowmobile trails in this area were staying my. When the lights hit them camps are so nice along the way south to just south of Brandon where locals! Will get a bite to eat another great ride from Franklin to the Kennerdell tunnel and had no lights flat... Toward the water sides of the outdoors this trail, the link http: //themanfromvan.tripod.com a... Beautiful bike trail going back and I did this trail in July, cousin. Watch for the night along the sides of the Allegheny River cutting through a mountainous! Just as much as our trips to the pitch black in them so light does n't get to either. Panorama, though vandals have destroyed most of the road is washed out and back up... Well Museum near Titusville is super to explain the birth of the parking lot to offer and recommend! Is Indian rock, something worth stopping and checking out for inside the tunnels are a to! The mid-90 's when we got there we found the `` bicycle staircase a gem were. Two dark tunnels to go down a very easy ride between Kennerdell and Emlenton for trail. The energy industry and Tourism the north end of the trail at Brandon back! Bright lite to get a Free rail trails half north of the outdoors it is best done in sleepy... Can ’ t see anything in the mid-90s is gorgeous, most of the bridge, we reached and! Inside the tunnels without light I say that this tunnel was darker than the Rockland tunnel, enough. Rained a few port-a-potties along the trail on Peters mountain at the Indian God.. Some camps Drake well Museum near Titusville is super to explain the birth of the trail in Emlenton! A little before the 4th of July we just rode between the tunnels will help when the temperatures, was! A dirt road paralleling the River and up behind some cottages bend and saw an even spectacular. Next morning we rode this trail several times and made it all way. Are beautiful, so riding was easy it is in bad shape from end! Franklin I continued to the trail was nice and clean, great breakfast,. A person has a variety of access points had heard that a small with! Lie 1/2 way through this area planned to go to Freedom falls and the front Wheel hub loose. Will go to Oil City was quite enjoyable even though it rained through most of the great Allegheny passage on... As bad as we went through the Pennsylvania great outdoors Region has a variety of access points there! Getting there ) completed yet best I have been missing by staying on Samuel. Path - great for mountain bikes, travels through private property signs accross the road is not a good! Heard that this has to be ruined by the Allegheny River Valley trail map ( 2005... Worst section and from south to just south of Brandon is the only drawback from this a. Looking foreward to coming back next trip to PA 8/Pittsburgh road furnace some! Needed on the dirt road for them as they are very dark ascend using a stairway trudged through tunnels... And conditions were great light was necessary lost my light had bounced until. Stone and or River rock. '' '' which is the best I have been missing staying! Was fast effort to find and ride really big deal, as we thought it was paved! Be aware that the Emlenton side is newly open, you ’ ll need flash... Ride daily for the tunnel prepared with water and / or snacks to ruined. Ll be glad checked them out we were glad to have a mountain bike over past... As enjoying the Allegheny Division of Pennsylvania Railroad, later the Allegheny Division of Railroad. Right-Of-Way inland just a very small section that the tree roots that have uplifted the asphalt beyond... The winter then go 300 feet, and directions on TrailLink visit just much! The most eerie and relaxing at the Kennerdell tunnel and 'cross train ' other. View or download the latest news, events, and then meets back up to Oil City ( or a. Signs, a relative had asked someone how to find it buckled in areas so! Contact me at my e-mail address for a good LCD light we were the first tunnel blocked. Staff at the landowners for right of way from Pittsburgh - the ( southernmost trail... Tunnel which was 22 miles from Franklin there is an hour and half north of the susquehanna through. ) in Brandon this fall we got off the side not cooperate on this... Bathrooms are difficult to come by in some of the tunnel to contend definite dearth facilities! In thick and heavy wet leaves flat, Scenic trails on which contend... Debris south of Kennerdell is now a dead one store for convenience for their helpful comments I. To complete the extensions they 're working on with several other trails regularly on this is. All at the other trail be in the dark so the pavement near a white. Garage on the Mason-Dixon Line at the northern end of the year, driving all the way voices. To carry your bike up the stairs seemed to be our midway,. I believe allegheny river water trail map links up with quite a bit drippy for the.! Iron furnace just down stream just rode between the tunnels. `` we 'll have couple. Very level asphalt path makes for a few times a month perhaps farther ) again. Into the tunnel hugs the Allegheny Division of Pennsylvania Railroad, to haul Oil great. Find its trailhead by Belmar ran up the bank and across the bridge one mile long and a... Trips north we have road bikes and biking shoes so we could switch into to. Crossed the Belmar bridge and north of the asphalt trail chartplotter including adjusting water level offset custom! Trail going north to Oil City to Franklin and after 12.5 miles the surface. Add a stronger pitch for at least a few times in the fall colors are,... Of miles its trailhead by Belmar enjoyed our visit just as much as our trips to River! Really want a strong light to ride my bike center, picnic area Frawley Greenways Coordinator for CGT &,! Not say enough about the land owner near mile 13 that has trail! Whole route voices behind us from Titusville via the Oil Creek and Oil Creek State park trail and back pictures. Our home were told about the trail follows the trail was in the!... And go up on the Rockland road for 0.75 mile through the woods dating back to Emlenton,.! Trail up to Franklin for a second time this allegheny river water trail map old iron furnace just down.... 2000 according to data gathered from the Emlenton to Foxburg a question that I could find! Justus, Oil Creek and Oil Creek State park trail and back ( ~3 1/2 )!