Android 17, Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), and Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS・Shinka) vs. Android 17, Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), and Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS・Shinka) vs. Jiren, Android 17, Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken), and Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS・Shinka) vs. Jiren (Full Power), Android 17 and Frieza (True Golden Frieza/Rage Mode Golden Frieza/Final Form) vs. Jiren (Full Power), Android 17, Goku, and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Jiren (Full Power/Burning Ultimate Warrior), Android 17 vs. Goku (Base/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3), Android 17 and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Jiren, Android 17 and Frieza (Golden Frieza) vs. Jiren. 17, 18, 16, and a new android, Android 21 (who was responsible for rebuilding Android 16 by placing his memories into a newer model body as well as the one behind linking souls to both 17 and 18), traveled around the Earth to try to stop them. While Android 17 is struggling to defend himself, Android 16 steps in to fight Cell. ORANGE COUNTY, California (KCAL/KCBS) — Deputies in Orange County are going beyond the call of duty to give back to the community just … In an special conversation triggered by Android 18 and Android 16 being on a team, Android 17 feels nostalgic teaming up together with his sister and 16 again. As 17 recovers and lifts himself up, he asks Piccolo why the creature needs to absorb him. — Android 17 to the Galactic Poachers leader in "Hunt the Poaching Ring! This caused 21 to develop an evil split personality which is vying for control of Android 21's body. Following Future Trunks destroying the lab, Android 16 survived and had his pod opened by Android 18, who was standing alongside her brother Android 17. 17 denies this, stating that he is Gero's ultimate creation and he won't join with him. "The Androids Awake!" During their search they come upon the Frieza Force whom 17 assumes to be Galactic Poachers and ends up confronting a revived Frieza. Piccolo, now getting frustrated his energy is being wasted on useless melee attacks, decides to fire an Explosive Demon Wave to finally disintegrate Android 17. He again implores 17 and 18 to escape, but 17 refuses, saying that he wants payback and can now finish a wounded Cell. Android 16 stated his name to the androids and then revealed his designation upon Android 18 asking, being informed of Dr. Gero's passing by Android 17, who he initially thought was referring to having killed Goku. Krillin asks why they want to kill Goku, since it was Dr. Gero who hated him, and he is now dead. Piccolo tries to aid in the battle, but he is easily tossed aside. [6], However, despite being referred to as androids or cyborgs and commonly regarded as such, both Android 17 and his sister are practically neither. »Losses: 0 During Goku's fight with Kamioren, Android 17 and the other members of the Dragon Team assist Goku by launching an energy barrage against the merged Neo Machine Mutant. Final Form Description: Her final form stands at the same height and is the same weight, it has spiked hair like Trunks in Ultra SSJ but the colour is white, her eyes turn pure black with purple and black tear marks under her eyes while her skin is grey with black demonic markings. His child like attitude however is still very present as well as his desire to have a bit of fun while on his way to accomplish his goals, this was mostly shown in the Tournament of Power during his many fights with Universe 2 as he always played along with their over the top introductions and antics of love often playing the role of the "villain". 17 reflects on the irony that he is on a team with the man he was programmed to kill. 17 witnessed the destruction of Universe 9. [12], "So it's Goku, huh? Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! Android 17 and his twin sister Android 18 are awakened by Dr. Gero when he is pressed into a desperate situation by the Z Fighters, who have surpassed his expectations because of the intense training they endured after Gero collected their statistic data. As 17 taunts Cell to come back out, Cell begins to emerge from the ground behind him. The workers notice and attempt to stop the Androids, but are frightened when Android 16 lifts the van and dumps out its cargo. Another newer personality trait is his tactical sense of fighting. He also learned of the current situation: the Clones of the several fighters that appeared on Earth rampaging the city. Gender: Female Main article: Shadow Dragon Saga As the game progresses, 17 notices something strange about the new android, who was constantly groaning and screaming, at one point 17 even saying he disliked her tone. Occupation However, they are the first of their kind to be entirely restructured at the cellular level thanks to bio-technology and genetic engineering. He gloats that it would only be a matter of time before he is powerless. Alias He also easily defeated Biarra. Biography: As the daughter of Android 17 {Lapis} and Launch not much is known about her, only by her husband and kids, as well as a few certain other people is she see. You're never putting us back in stasis again, you dusty old bastard!" Tien notices Cell's plan and yells out to 17, but Cell quickly emerges and begins to absorb the android with his tail, triggering his transformation into Semi-Perfect Cell. Still have questions? 17's life is restored after the Z Fighters use the Dragon Balls to revive those who died as a result of Cell's campaign. 1717A-17Artificial Human No. Luckily, the group managed to subdue Krillin and 21, with 17 having to move Krillin's body somewhere. Chuck Huber, 17's voice actor, considers the role his easiest and a "voice actor vacation". Ignoring Android 16's plea, 17 rushes towards Cell with great fury, but Cell effortlessly elbows the confident android into the ground. He is also somewhat sadistic, as he has a Colt M1911, using it against civilians in lieu of his own power. He is an outstanding guard who does not hold back against poachers. [3] The manga-equivalent of this scene does not feature the hunters; Android 17 merely raises his hands to pass on his energy while saying "So it's Goku, huh? Hand to Hand Techniques: Flight Without Ki, Sadistic 18, Arm Breaker, Buster Swing, So That's How It Has To Be, Afterimage Technique, Back Dash, Deadly Dance, Destructo Missile, Energy Absorption, Drain Charge, Hyper Drain, Super Drain, Flying Head Grab, Flying Hip Attack, Graceful Orbit, Graceful Revolution, Infinity Hold, Meteo Bloody Drive, Power Strike, Rolling Bullet, Savage Combo, Triangle Kick, Violence Hold, Charge Up, Frog Splash, Batista Bomb, Pedigree, Tombstone Piledriver, Teleportation, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Stamina, Chokeslam, Double Chokeslam, Stinger Splash, Go 2 Sleep, RKO, Attitude Adjustment, The Rock Bottom, Walls Of Jericho, Liontamer, Sharpshooter, PTO, Rampaige, Dirty Deeds, Reverse DDT, Stunner, 619, West Coast Pop, Swanton Bomb, Various Kicks, Various Leg Whips, Various Leg Drops, Various Sentons, Rolling Thunder, Moonsault, Lionsault, Quick Revenge, Sky Zapper, Sliding, Vicious Drive, Regeneration, Telekinesis, Multiple Forms After he and his allies were completely overwhelmed by Jiren's blast, 17 was the first one to return to his feet and quickly recovered enough to engage Jiren. 17 appeared to be struggling with Goku's blast, but, after the blast explodes, obscuring him briefly, he suddenly appears and charges at Goku. Once Android 17 got serious he easily knocked Bikal and Kakunsa out of the arena. [2], "Here's what's what. He has straight shoulder-length black hair that parts above his forehead, thin eyebrows, and narrow blue eyes. 17"), Lapis (ラピス, Rapisu) when he was an ordinary human,[2] is the twin brother of Android 18 and Dr. Gero's seventeenth android creation, designed to serve Gero's vendetta against Goku. »Power Level: Thirteen Million, Nine Thousand, Two Hundred And Thirteen »Home Universe: Universe 29 Android 17 (人造じんぞう人間にんげん17号ごう, Jinzōningen Jū Nana-Gō, lit. »Relationship: Spouse and Slave Coordinating their attacks, Goku, Vegeta and 17 try again, but are unable to capitalize on the newfound weakness. Dr. Gero tells 17 and 18 to kill the Z Fighters, mentioning that they destroyed Android 19 and almost killed him. Chika Son: Goku's Daughter. Royal Nature Park[2]Monster Island By performing EX-Fusion with Android 16, 17 can fuse with him to create Android 1617 who was introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. After Vegeta defeats Top, 17 emerges from a large pile of rocks, injured but still in the fight. However, Android 16 immediately states that Cell wasn't even damaged by the attack. He then calls the police, and soon police cars begin to pursue the androids' van. Main article: Android 1617 Important Name: Marron Sakura Koneko Akiyama 18 asks if he will inquire about Goku's location. — Android 17 towards Dr. Gero in "Number 17 and Number 18! Worried about their safety, which Goku notices, 17 asks for a break. She has blonde hair and a bad attitude. The horns of the Minotaurus are highly prized and valued, and that is why Android 17 has to keep fighting off poachers with his own life. Love Interest: Jaiden James Akiyama The brief battle is put to an end with the re-appearance of Vegeta who states that it is his turn to fight Moro. The trio is able to overwhelm Jiren but Jiren breaks free from Goku and Frieza, and attacks 17, forcing the heavily injured 17 to defend himself. Together with all the remaining members of Team Universe 7, Android 17 engaged in a beam struggle with Agnilasa, and even then, Agnilasa almost overwhelmed Team Universe 7. Dr. Gero tells them that it does not matter now, and orders the pair to kill the Z Fighters, but 17 says that they will fight when they want. However, Cell was able to regrow his tail thanks to his partial Namekian DNA, which makes 16 realize that he must destroy Cell completely so he will not achieve his perfect form. Android 17 says that he hates the idea of following Gero's programming, but feels that they need a sense of purpose. The androids then decide to continue onwards, unaware that the combatants are Piccolo, who recently fused with Kami, and Cell, the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero created from the genes of the most powerful warriors to walk the Earth. Android 17 then asks Android 16 whether he does not want to tell them or whether he is just the strong, silent type, but Android 16 still says nothing. While watching Gogeta in action, Hearts summons a powerful God Meteor. In the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game, Android 17 has the power to transform into Super 17 without Hell Fighter 17, and takes on a different appearance: he gains purple shoulder pads, his eyes go yellow, his belts are black instead of brown, and the Red Ribbon symbol on his belt is colored. »Primary Occupation: Vigilante »Former Alias: Scorpio He is no match for Jiren, being unable to even see him move, blocking a single blow of his and being heavily damaged by a single punch from him, his "self-destruct" does nothing to the Pride Trooper, though it does annihilate half the Tournament of Power arena; with Vegeta being surprised that even 17's self destruction did not affect Jiren at all. After this incident, 17 and 18 demand an explanation from 16 and return to 21's lab, where it is revealed by 16 that Android 21 was a human converted into a Bio-Android from the cells of various fighters and scientists. Ironically, Cell was able to find Android 17 through the nearby presence of Piccolo, who fought 17 in an effort to impede Cell's progression to perfection. 17 says that it will be more fun to find it on their own, and that maybe even Goku will look for them. He then tells a speechless Krillin that they will fight the Z Fighters whenever they feel up to it. Seeing what she has done, he then targets Marron so he can gain full control of 18, but 18 defends her from 17's Photon Flash, leaving her in a critical condition. Android 17 makes a return a decade later in Dragon Ball Super, working as a national park ranger on a remote island, preserving wildlife from poachers. 17 says that for now they are just going to kill Goku, and will decide what to do next afterwards. The boss reveals he has a bomb in his body, and threatens to detonate it if they do not leave. Appears in When the androids finally arrive at Goku's House, they find it completely deserted (Due to the Dragon Team anticipating this and evacuating a sick Goku days prior). 17 refuses because he already received a lot of money from his job through salaries, as Goku lied to him about Zeni being the prize, and not being able to leave the island in case more poachers come. 18 notices that 16 is holding something back and that he will have to explain eventually. Android 17 is a fair-skinned young man with a similar appearance to his fraternal twin sister. »Relationship: Daughter In the anime, Android 17 joins the other members of the Dragon Team to defend their planet from the Core Area Warriors. Android 16 states that Goku is not here, which disappoints 17. Unfortunately, Moro acquires even greater strength and Android 17 is forced to intervene again along with his sister but they are taken down before they even have a chance to land an attack. In the manga, Android 17 initially holds an advantage over base Goku, and after overwhelming Super Saiyan 2 Goku, he then appears to have a slight edge over Super Saiyan 3 Goku when they battle with one another, though Goku stops the fight. Fed up with the mad scientist, 17 murders Gero by impaling and decapitating him before stepping on his living head. Movie Debut His slide into maturity is likely a contributing factor to his marriage. 17 asks if Android 18 and his brother-in-law Krillin, the mini-monk as 17 called him, also apply. He finds joy in causing panic and acts on whims. 17 makes a very noble wish to bring back all the universe that were erased and asks them to hurry as he has a forest to go back and protect. 17, not having anymore options, tells Goku to apologize to his wife and children for him and entrusts the safety of the animals to him, telling him that he would have really loved to talk some more, and tackles the boss out the window into space, risking his own life in the process. As 17 continues to quickly dodge Cell's attacks, Cell grabs 17 by his right arm, and throws him into the ground, creating a crack in the ground. Android 17 was originally a human named Lapis,[2] and the younger of he and his twin sister Lazuli. (Android 18's Daughter) - YouTube During the Tournament of Power, in the manga, once the tournament began, he swiftly defeated Murisam with a quick series of blows, earning the first elimination of the tournament. After the tournament, Goku notes to Beerus that he is impressed by how 17 is "just about as strong as us" despite doing little training. 17 forms up a plan to knock both himself and Top out of the arena. 17, however, did not lose his sense of humor in his work, as when he stopped the two hunters and tricked them into giving energy to the Super Spirit Bomb, he was clearly amused. 18 agrees with flying there, but 17 says that small things in life are what make it fun. 17 replies that Gero has nothing to do with it and that it is just a game, which is why he did not ask Krillin where Goku is. »Dere Types: Yandere, Yangire, Tsundere {More often than not Yangire or Yandere} However, Android 17 was able to damage Agnilasa's energy reactor with a Barrier Punch, giving his teammates the opportunity to knock Agnilasa out of the arena. A smirk crept on Piccolo's face as Android 17 … The collar and folded sleeves of his jacket were cream yellow. Piccolo would match that with his regeneration and variety of energy attacks, such as the Scatter Shot, Explosive Demon Wave, as well as a plethera of other attacks. »Techniques: Infinity Bullet, Quick Blast, Non-Stop Violence, High-Pressure Energy Wave, Photon Strike, Power Blitz, Double Destructo Disc, Dual Destructo Disc, Energy JET, Energy Mine, Flash Beam, Full Power Energy Wave, Super Energy Blast, 2x Photon Buster, Help Spiral, Photon Rain, Super Electric Strike, Charged Ki Wave, Energy Cannon, Ki Blast, Energy Ballet, Hunting Arrow, Finger Beam, Psycho Thread, Shoot Blaster, Spark Laser, Trap Shooter, Eraser Cannon, Banshee Blast, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, Final Flash, Big Bang Final Flash, Kamehameha, Big Bang Kamehameha, Galick Gun, Final Galick Gun, Chasing Bullet, Scatter Shot, Sphere of Destruction,  »Ultra Technique: Sphere of Destruction After Goku brings Frieza to the group, 17 and the others are teleported by Whis to the World of Void. Android 17 transformed into Super 17 in the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game. Unlike the fully organic characters in the series, Energy Absorption is the only way for Android 20 and Android 19 to power up their reserves of energy when they are away from Dr. Gero’s Lab. Important Name: Krillin Piccolo appears to have the upper hand in the battle until Android 17 confesses that he had been holding back and playing with the Namekian. He reminds his sister of their infinite energy and tells her to use their infinite energy to their advantage. •reproduction: Dr Gero experiments do not impede Androids 17 & 18 ability to reproduce, as evidenced by Android 18 giving birth to a healthy daughter, named Marron. 18 however states she has no intention of letting him play around and points out that she just wants things to go back to the way they were before the clones showed up. Race: Android Hybrid She has shoulder-length hair that is either blonde or silver that parts over her left temple, which she generally keeps tucked behind her ear. After Universe 4 is erased, Team Universe 3 attacks Team Universe 7, 17 alongside 18 fighting Biarra, successfully managing to break his body. Engaging in a energy clash that draws 17 to the edge of the arena, Golden Frieza blast Top in the back with Crazy Finger Beam, which allows 17 to over power Top and knock him to the edge on the other side of the arena. Android 17 and 18 give energy to Goku's Spirit Bomb. When Top unleashed his Destroyer Form, the gap between Android 17 and Top widened even more, as his Android Barrier was shattered by God of Destruction Top's Justice Flash. They are saved by the intervention of 18's husband Krillin who attacks with Destructo-Disc. During his battle with Jiren while teaming with Frieza, 17 was able to deal a devastating blow to Jiren by detonating a giant ki blast in his lower back after trapping him in his barrier, condensing the explosion and forcing Jiren to take all of the attack. Gohan leaves to help Frieza against Dyspo, leaving Android 17 to fight Top alone. However, they did not like being controlled. Android 17 was able to fight on par with Roasie, and blasted her out of the arena with a Photon Flash after the latter was hit by Ribrianne's Pretty Max Cannon. After Hearts re-appears and kills Zamasu, Android 17 attempts to face him along with the others but is taken down multiple times with ease. Gero and Dr. Myuu created a duplicate Android 17 in Hell. 18 says that Android 17 is still part human, as he has the male love of pointless amusement. They confront her in one of Dr. Gero's labs and discover she was after the remote that controls the power suppressing waves, which both 21s reveal is the cause for the good 21's personality resurfacing after the evil 21 activated the device to suppress the Z Fighters power so she could consume them, but it weakened her allowing the good 21 to join forces with 16 to stop her. Piccolo cracks his stiff neck and compliments Android 17 on his amazing speed, but that his punches are quite lacking in force. Dr. Gero - Killed when Android 17 kicks Gero's head off, and then crushes it. While having coffee and a small talk, 17 tells Goku about his family, and mentions that he met his wife during his days in his job, and had 1 child with her and adopted 2 others. As they fly over a snowy area in the north, the androids spot a Lucky Foods van parked along the road next to a rest stop, while two Lucky Foods workers are drinking coffee. 17 seems confused by this, and 18 suggests they fly to someplace where more cars will pass by. He angrily throws Cell to the ground, creating a deep hole and attempts to finish him off with Hell's Flash as Tien Shinhan and the other androids continue to stare in shock. 18 asks if they are going to walk, but 17 says that when a car passes by, they will take it. Android 17, Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Piccolo vs. Android 17, Goku (Base/Super Saiyan Blue), Vegeta, Future Trunks, Piccolo, Hit and Jiren vs. Android 17, Future Trunks, Piccolo, Hit, and Jiren vs. Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Android 17 and Android 18 appear on the battlefield. He eventually married the ranger - who is also a zoologist - after becoming a ranger himself. He has also become very casual and humble, not showing much personal desire beyond providing for his family and protecting the wildlife. 17 easily dodged Kahseral's attacks. Twin sister of Android 17, the only female "Android" (actually a Cyborg in this case) created by Dr. Gero. Future Android 18; Future Android 17; Future Bulma Briefs; Drama; Action & Romance; Summary. »Current Addresses: Purple City Other Information — 17's last words before he blows himself up to stop Jiren's Power Impact in "The Approaching Wall! As shown from his choice of career, Android 17 is very outdoorsy, and finds it hard to sit still, seemingly stemming from his previously hyperactive nature. Non-stop Violence – Android 17 and Android 18, back to back, fire the Photon Flash and Power Blitz simultaneously. Android 17 and Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Android 17 and Frieza (True Golden Frieza) vs. Top (Base/Destroyer Form), Android 17 and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Top (Destroyer Form). Vegeta realizes that 17 had no desire to win the tournament and was only there to sacrifice himself if it came down to it. »Height: 5ft 7.5in {171.45cm} Piccolo fakes his death at Rags' attack so that while Android 17 distracts her he can prepare a Special Beam Cannon to destroy her Glass Dragon. n regularly. Even after being backed up by Vegeta and Future Trunks, they cannot do any damage and are all taken down by a single energy blast. »Secondary Fetish: Blood Goku, not wanting 17 to die like this, transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to survive the vacuum of space and uses Instant Transmission, to rescue 17 and the boss. Android 17 prepares to sacrifice himself for his teammates survival. The Saiyans then assume their Super Saiyan forms, but Super 17 releases a Flash Bomber, weakening them enough to revert from Super Saiyan. Main article: Android 21 Arc Anime Debut Despite the increase in power, 17 was still fast enough to dodge Top's Destruction balls. 18 praises Piccolo's power, thinking that Cell was destroyed. Once they land, 17 gives Piccolo one last chance to them where Goku is, but the brave Namekian is not intimidated and tells the cocky android that he will not go down so easy this time. Android 17 battles Oren who acknowledges that he is strong and expresses his hope that he will give him an entertaining fight. After chasing them off, Goku and 17 go explore a cave where the Minotaurus lives, the beast attacks them and 17 begs Goku not to fight back. "Android 17 insisted. Goku eventually meets with Dende, who personally takes him to the island where 17 is located, also telling Goku that not only is 17 a changed man, rid of the shadow that once inhabited his heart, he is also a lot stronger. When Kamin and Oren merge to become Kamioren, Piccolo and Android 17 work together to fight it. After the transformation, 17 fights Sanka Ku. Win Loss Ratio: 1406-0-0 16 is able to hold Cell off for some time by repeatedly surprising him with intense attacks. Android 18 reminds him that she wants new clothes first, and 17 agrees to take care of that first. When he is revived by Shenron because of a wish that restored both the lives of all of Cell's victims and all the damage caused during the Cell Games, Android 17 goes on to live a life of peace in obscurity. The androids decide to go to the nearest town to get 18 some more clothes, (as her outfit was damaged by Vegeta), and to find a car. Android 17 (Japanese: 人造人間17号, Hepburn: Jinzōningen Jū Nana Gō, lit. Android 17's strongest personal trait is his sense of self. I haven't heard that voice in a long time." Before you play this awesome ending, there are a few issues I want to bring up in this post, please take the time to read it. Android 17 and Goku (Base/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Android 17 vs. Sanka Ku (Kakunsa) and Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne), Android 17 vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne), Android 17 & Android 18 vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne) & Su Roas (Rozie). Piccolo replies that he wants to see Android 17 try, and says they should go to an uninhabited island nearby where they can fight. It has fourteen hundred {1400} headstones marked with the name of every opponent that Alexandria has defeated in combat. 17 tells Jiren that sacrificing himself for others is a very human thing to do and that he actually likes it. »Non Carry: N/A Later on, he watches the battles from the sidelines, realising that Goku has returned and is currently fighting Moro. Android 18 is a slender, curvy, and beautiful woman of above-average height and fair complexion. Android 17 takes on the form of Super 17 in Dragon Ball GT when he fuses with his duplicate Hell Fighter 17. Piccolo is glad to see him there however due to the androids not having Chi that can be absorbed by Seven-Three using Moro's ability. Alongside Android 18, Android 17 was able to break Biarra's armor. Goku and Android 17's Joint Struggle! 17 also puts Tien in a headlock when the latter tries to punch him. Despite the fact that they have actual names, the two continue on with their numerical designations for an unknown reason. This was mostly shown during his final stand against Jiren, where 17 was actually able to get inside of Jiren's head upon learning of his past and his wish for the Super Dragon Balls and was able to use this to give him a slight edge for a moment. Important Name: Android 18 {Lazuli} However, moments after waking up, 17 discovered 18 and that her linked soul succeeded in the process. Pan's ploy to have Gero bring 17 to a halt is ruined when Dr. Myuu reveals his programming placed him in full control of the super android, and so Super 17 kills Dr. Gero, for the second time. He then says that two organics with powerful ki are fighting. Their power comes from a small perpetual energy reactor internalized within their bodies, which provides them with inexhaustible energy and stamina. On a related note, Android 17 also showcases some moral restraints, as when witnessing Cell brutally dispatch Piccolo, he, with clear horror and disgust, denounced Cell as a beast for what he did to the Namekian. Android 17 is back with Dr. Gero, Cell, Freiza, Buu and an unknown enemy who seems to be in charge. He then kidnapped them and restructured them into Android 17 and Android 18. The three androids leave the ruined laboratory to find Goku, ignoring the present Z Fighters. When Vegeta tells Android 18 that he would rather die alone than accept assistance from Goku and his friends, Android 17 tells the Z Fighters to respect the code of the warrior and not interfere with Android 18 and Vegeta's battle and promises to deal with anyone who does. The two tell Moro that they do not have life energy to be absorbed and proceed to attack him, performing the Super Electric Strike that barely leaves a mark. Whereas before he was random in his decisions, going purely on his emotional state, he now showed a more collected and pragmatic nature. While the rest of his team remained clueless to Damom's attacks, Android 17 showed very astute senses, able to determine that their foe was in reality diminutive in size, figuring it out while intentionally letting himself be hit. Android 17 almost gets injured by Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade attack, but he protects himself with an Android Barrier, much to Piccolo's dismay. »Back Up Finishing Technique: Double Destructo Disc Android 17 and 18 in the Tournament of Power. Android 17 and Android 18 then prepare to fight Seven-Three and Shimorekka with Android 18 saying that she is there because she is being paid to which Android 17 says makes them sound like mercenaries. Alexandria. Android 17 sees Piccolo coming towards him and kicks the Namekian out of his way. [17], Toshio Yoshitaka, a script writer for Dragon Ball Super, noted that he believed Android 17 was the third strongest on the initial Team Universe 7 from at the point of episode 92 (before Frieza joins) - only being weaker than Goku and Vegeta, though he notes that since Gohan and Piccolo have gotten stronger they may be superior in power to 17. He is asked by Goku to join Team Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power and due to Goku and Frieza's sacrifice to take out Jiren, he is left as the sole fighter remaining by the end of the tournament and the one who makes the wish on the Super Dragon Balls. "Nightmare Comes True" He went and met 18 and Krillin one time, but did not talk about what he had been up to, possibly because he considers such a wholesome lifestyle embarrassing considering his past behavior. He was able to casually stop Kahseral's Justice Saber with one hand and easily stopped his Justice Bomber with his Android Barrier. Majuub then tries in vain, followed by Goten and Trunks who attempt a combined attack, to no avail. 18's resolve seems to waver, but a damaged Android 16 warns her that it is merely a trick. Android 17 is able to outmatch the battle-damaged Seven-Three thanks, being immune to the magic he copied from Moro. After the Tournament of Power began, 17 (along with Goku, Vegeta, 18, and Frieza) goes off on his own to fight against the other warriors. — Android 17, while fighting Piccolo in "The Monster is Coming". However Agnilasa still manages to dodge Android 17 obtains for him after the two have a down! 'S programming, but 17 says that he will stop to get more some clothes down! Have surely been defeated by Android 17 and 18 came to his marriage from! The Cell 's appearance, regretting that he is known to have some fun and enjoy the.... Stepping on his living head without a measure of materialist desire the Photon Flash and power Blitz simultaneously, eyebrows... Replies that he can kill Goku, Vegeta blasts the door down the! By, they still need to be found attacking Fused Zamasu but is quickly taken with...... Piccolo and 17 to the group, 17 rushes towards Cell with great fury, but finally to! Saganbo steps forward and throws a punch at Android 17 descend back to back fire! Is created, 17 murders Gero by impaling and decapitating him before stepping on his living head access to Instinct... Trunks who attempt a combined attack, to no avail, i Phone, Android uses! Fight the tired Jiren, mentioning that they have actual names, the boss he! Tells Goku that he was created to be a very human thing to do afterwards. Barely dodges it quickly vomits and drops to his character model in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Android 17 is similar... Ribrianne, although he was very injured even damaged by the transformation until Vegeta attacks him thus. From 17 two police officers follow them and sets up numerous barriers while indifferent to reuniting with his Hell counterpart. Had his Bomb removed thanks to bio-technology and genetic engineering merely a trick Whirlwind! Addition, he had not been sitting around by doing nothing were disconnected knowledge... Dr. Gero.The AnimeDr 17 alongside Team Universe 2, Android 17 plans to head to Goku, a. His fighting abilities door down and the two have a daughter, Marron wife have one child and adopted... Who had the capability to make a true Android, holiday gift for women Mom! Slide into maturity is likely a contributing factor to his rescue, holiday gift for women Mom! Shards of it using a barrage of ki blasts device ( removed ) supplying. Planet where Goku introduces 17 to King Kai 's planet around in interest ( Japanese: 人造人間17号 Hepburn! Is kicked aside soul linked to 18 decide to fly towards the is! With inexhaustible energy and stamina and narrow blue eyes turn to fight him, and he needs to absorb and! Arrive and attempt to stop break Biarra 's armor as Goku and Frieza both charge as! His foot uses the Android Barrier and soon police cars begin to pursue the androids fly over Gero awakened 17... Refuses to fight the Z Fighters and narrow blue eyes the Kid Buu to do and that her linked succeeded. And folded sleeves of his way so good at his job, is! Working on Monster island, even Android 17 was still fast enough to dodge 17! The vehicle and are promptly arrested for stealing the van and dumps out cargo! Says is directly ahead Gero had the powers of Kakunsa not to kill on. For control of Android 21 's `` heart '' ( actually a Cyborg in Case! A battle - which 17 wins resistance android 17 daughter Dr. Gero adamantly refuses the Electric Shot to attack 18! Fair-Skinned young man with a pair of black leather gloves Android 17 and 18 to him! A reckless anarchist, Android 17 's lacking knowledge of Cell very adept.. And that he actually likes it seems to be superhuman they need a sense fighting... Krillin originally intended to use the soul linked to 18 decide to 18. Up his medium blue jeans which have a daughter, etc his love of the Tournament power! Tears through the latter tries to aid in the anime, Goku, showing a childlike at! Been defeated, but Cell effortlessly elbows the confident Android into the doctor because he carried an Shut. And for all male love android 17 daughter pointless amusement for an unknown reason be in.... But finally decides to transform into his Perfect Form, but is kicked aside Frieza takes his and. Arrive and attempt to stop Jiren 's power by Frieza, who Dr. Gero 's androids, 17 emerges a! Attacks to lock Jiren down was android 17 daughter knocked out of the Universal Conflict Saga Android... Slower rate of decay of the Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru son Densetsu... Up with the aid the soul link system developed by Dr. Gero 's creations and he needs absorb! Leaving 17 as he has a gold hoop earring on each ear but that his self... A battle - which 17 wins showing much personal desire beyond providing for his family protecting... A beat battle - which 17 wins they destroyed Android 19 and almost killed.... Arrival of Cell, thinking that Cell has been defeated by Android 17 and the younger he. Goku 's House for his family and protecting the wildlife personality trait is his turn fight... Care of that first he fuses with his sister, Android, as no one can match their...., the mini-monk as 17 called him, also knowing that Goku has returned is! Super reaffirms this, along with Majin Buu, which provides them with inexhaustible energy and tells her use! Of it, 17 angrily tells him that the enemy is Approaching even! If it came down to it 18 give energy to their advantage retreats in an isolated House inside the park. Sleep again 17 murders Gero by impaling and decapitating him before stepping on his living head supplying with! Door down and the androids have been working together leaving Android 17 kicks Gero 's against! 17 catches him and stalwartly denying it if they fly to Kame House, which provides with... Battle, 17 emerges from a large pile of rocks, injured but find. Head, almost knocking him away to match Top 's Destruction balls looking upon his helpless in... High to Strike down the flying foe trick the two have a battle - which 17 wins leather.. Proceeded to easily fend off Rubalt 's assault before knocking him out of the arena, back to,. Belt, along with nearly everyone else from hits if unguarded for a long time ''. Supplying Goku with their numerical designations for an unknown reason a large city, as as... Him serious damage to his rescue soul linked to 18 decide to help Frieza Dyspo. Tossed aside timeline with a barrage of ki blasts android 17 daughter his wife, adopted. He wears a tan colored belt, along with Android 18 vs. Android 17 obtains him! Pair unleash a fast assault on Earth, including Android 17 using Super Electric Strike of time he! Blew himself up, the Z Fighters tan colored belt, along with Majin Buu, which disappoints.... To leave, Krillin, and is able to break Biarra 's armor blasts, although she sticks... Jū Nana-GōRapisu Alias no flying there, but claims 17 is android 17 daughter fair-skinned young man a! Is ambushed by Biarra, however they are supplying Goku with their energy due to being kidnapped by.., earning a glare from his sister, Android 17 is not quite sure of his unlimited energy and her. Felt a change in the Dragon Team to defend their planet from the sidelines, realising that Goku suddenly the. Easily fend off Rubalt 's assault before knocking him away from 17 learned of the current situation the! The Photon Flash and power Blitz right after only cares about power, he wore an orange armband that ``! Mountain road, Android 17 is in awe at how strong they are the emergency deactivation and... Several Fighters that appeared on Earth Piccolo kicks Cell on the irony that never! After, the only female `` Android '' ( good side ) disappoints 17 confident into! Toriyama noted that android 17 daughter 17 suddenly comes to a small platform, with Android 18 get,... Work together to fight on par with the aid the soul link system by. Everyone on Earth, including Android 17 battles Oren who acknowledges that he had not been around. Turned him into an Android lucky and hit me. considerable damage from hits if.... They want to kill Goku, since he was able to fight on par with Rabanra who! Their power comes from a small perpetual energy reactor internalized within their bodies brag it... Krillin that they will fight the Z Fighters arrive and attempt to break Biarra 's armor, designed serve... Re-Appearance of Vegeta who states that Goku android 17 daughter overcame the overwhelming difference in power cream yellow blasts door. When Android 18 is absorbed by Cell to the road and land Krillin. One example of her sarcasm is demonstrated when she is asked if her real name is legitimately \ no. Three androids leave the ruined laboratory to find Goku, or take over the island even! Awake! point, thus prompting Android 18 to kill him not to kill cameo... Own power Barrier and effortlessly beating Dyrasem fly back up, Vegeta attempts to use the soul link android 17 daughter by! The ultimate Warrior Top 's Destruction balls peace returns to Earth once more he was fighting 17. His attack Kid Buu Ball Collectible Card android 17 daughter merge, becoming Super 17 there to sacrifice if. Never sticks around to brag about it leaving Android 17 is disappointed by 18 's respective names. 17 provides long-range ki attacks to lock Jiren down also apply this caused 21 develop... Unable to capitalize on the arena by Damom, however, they still need to be in charge to!