[82], A destructive QLCS tornado occurred in Tulang Bawang regency, killing two people and leaving six others injured. This included an EF1 tornado that caused moderate damage to apartment buildings and trees in Oelwein, Iowa. At 10:40 a.m. CDT on April 12, a Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch was issued by the Storm Prediction Center across northeast Louisiana, southeast Arkansas, and central and northern Mississippi. [110], A strong, long-tracked EF2 tornado, with winds between 180 and 220 km/hour, struck the town of Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico damaging over 100 cars, overturning 12 tractor-trailers, and knocking down trees, lamp posts, and power lines. Roulottes, campers, and cars were flipped as well. US Tornadoes: Past 48 Hours. Another EF2 tornado struck the town of Newburgh, Indiana, where five homes sustained partial to total roof removal, and one home had a few upper floor exterior walls ripped off. [193][194], Several weak tornadoes touched down from Georgia to North Carolina in association with Hurricane Sally. [46] On February 7, five tornadoes unexpectedly touched down in Maryland, including an EF1 that struck Westminster and Manchester, causing moderate damage. Major structural damage and five fatalities occurred as the tornado passed just north of downtown Nashville and through Mount Juliet to the east. On July 9, an F1 tornado struck Argunovo, where homes and structures sustained heavy roof damage, and trees were damaged as well. [195] On September 17, an EF1 tornado near Reevesville, South Carolina uprooted or snapped many trees at a tree farm. As that tornado dissipated, another EF2 tornado struck just outside of Mardela Springs, Maryland, downing trees and damaging a few homes, one of which was pushed off its foundation. One tree left a six-foot-deep crater in the ground where it was uprooted, before the tornado would eventually dissipate. Two of these tornadoes quickly dissipated and caused little to no damage, while the third caused F0 damage in Golubitskaya, where sheds and pieces of beach furniture were thrown, and fencing was damaged. [108][109] The system continued eastward into Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia on April 23, producing additional tornadoes. [77] In all, 15 tornadoes were confirmed during the period.[73]. [183][184][185] A total 16 tornadoes were confirmed as a result of this outbreak with eight of them occurring in the Arkansas, making it the largest tornado outbreak ever recorded in the state during the month of August. across parts of Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, and Arkansas as well. [97] An EF1 tornado caused damage to multiple mobile homes and destroyed an RV camper near Robertsdale, Alabama as well, causing another injury. Florida is in a scramble to re-energize the state as quickly as possible. Many trees and power poles were snapped along the path, and a metal truss high-tension tower was also blown over. A train was also derailed, and 22 injuries occurred in Jonesboro. A tornado outbreak occurred as Hurricane Isaias moved up the East Coast of the United States, with 109 tornado warnings being issued across 12 states. The stronger of the two caused F2 damage to several trees and a few roofs, injuring eight people. Beginning on February 5, a moderate tornado outbreak affected the Deep South and Eastern United States. #tnwx #mswx #mowx #arwx #midsouthwx", "With 8 tornadoes spawned in Arkansas from the remnants of Hurricane Laura, this is the largest recorded tornado outbreak/event in the month of August for the state. [53][54][55], On March 18, an intense supercell thunderstorm spawned numerous weak tornadoes as it tracked through Jack, Stephens, Wise, and Young counties in Texas. The first option will be automatically selected. The 1953 Flint-Beecher Tornado. The tornado destroyed outbuildings, downed trees, and caused roof damage to some homes. It doesn't take a massive outbreak. [143] Overall, 13 tornadoes were confirmed. A small tornado struck Viriat, France and damaged some trees and greenhouses. One thunderstorm developed into a supercell which produced an EF3 tornado that caused significant damage to a farm, destroyed the houses of seven families, and destroyed about 200 hectares (500 acres) of pine forest. [40][41] An EF2 tornado also touched down near Kannapolis, North Carolina, to the north of Charlotte. The most significant tornado of the event occurred that evening, when an EF3 tornado destroyed multiple mobile homes and a site-built home near Church Point, Louisiana, injuring nine people and killing one. Deadly Tornado Hits Alabama Town Overnight Causing Significant Damage. On January 3, severe thunderstorms developed over the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. There were 51 tornadoes reported in the United States in February, of which 42 were confirmed. [69] News. Winds in the tornado were estimated to be up to 160 km/h (100 mph) and the path width was up 60 m (197 feet). On the first day of the outbreak, an EF2 tornado caused significant tree and outbuilding damage near Pickens, Mississippi, and injured four people. One of these tornadoes remained over open fields and caused no damage in the Negrar area, while the other in the Arba area caused light damage to homes, trees and anti-hail nets. There were 351 tornadoes reported in the United States this April, of which 251 were confirmed. A rain-wrapped EF1 tornado struck near Middle River, Minnesota, snapping numerous trees. The most active day was October 10, when numerous tornado warnings were issued in Georgia as a squall line moved through the region. It traveled more than 300 miles … [187][188][189] A weak tornado was also spotted and photographed in France near Veigy-Foncenex, causing no known damage. Americas. Overall, this outbreak produced 20 tornadoes. The Weather Channel correspondent Justin Michaels shares the scene in Cookeville, Tennessee, where cars were tossed around like toys and several homes were damaged or destroyed. Strong and destructive tornadoes form most frequently in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Eastern India, but can occur almost anywhere under the right conditions. This included a 110 mph wind gust in Winter Park, Colorado. Later that evening, multiple supercell thunderstorms developed and several tornadoes struck South Central Oklahoma east of I-35, including a narrow, but strong high-end EF2 tornado that killed two people and injured at least 30 others in Madill. A weak waterspout also moved ashore and became an F0 tornado near Genoa, causing minor damage to fencing, trees, and dumpsters. [82] As the system progressed northeastward into the nighttime hours, another tornado emergency was issued, this time at 11:28 p.m. EDT for the towns of Ooltewah and Collegedale as a deadly EF3 tornado struck the eastern suburbs of Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing two and injuring 18. Power lines were downed and at least 21 homes were damaged in town, several of which had their roofs torn off. The strongest tornado occurred in Grant County, where an EF2 tornado tore down a small tower and damaged homes, trees, power lines, and corn fields. [98] An EF2 tornado also struck the small community of Tumbleton, Alabama, tearing the roofs off of some homes and a business, and causing one fatality when a mobile home was destroyed. A total of 12 tornadoes were confirmed as a result of this outbreak.[201][202][203]. [116][117][118], Severe storms produced a damaging EF1 tornado that ripped through Geelong, Victoria, Australia, damaging more than 100 houses, with four of them being left uninhabitable. The most active day was February 23, in which 9 tornadoes were reported from Mississippi to Georgia, as a cold front moved through the Southeast. An EF0 tornado also caused minor damage in Leesburg, Virginia. The most probable danger period in Minnesota, therefore, is late spring and early summer, between 2:00 PM and 9:00 PM. The tornado then struck Tangará, damaging or destroying additional homes, overturning vehicles, and damaging some large metal buildings. [218][219] Overall, four tornadoes were confirmed. Additionally, for the first time since records began in 1950, only one EF2+ tornadoes were confirmed in the United States during the month.[123]. Here's a guide to the percentage of power outages in each county. Another large EF2 tornado downed numerous trees, tore much of the roof off a house, and destroyed a metal building near McComb. [57] Later that day, a large portion of the southern Great Plains was in line for severe storms, along with parts of the Ohio Valley. [156][157] On August 3, an EF2 tornado downed numerous large trees and caused damage to homes in Bald Head Island and Southport, North Carolina. Severe weather, tornado, thunderstorm, damage reports, storm report, tornadoes, compiled by the Storm Prediction Center. [82], A small outbreak of 23 mostly weak tornadoes occurred across Minnesota and Kansas on August 14. Tornado. Two EF1 tornadoes also touched down in Eastern Oklahoma, one of which destroyed a mobile home near Kinta. This tornado damaged many well-built farm houses, some of which sustained significant damage. Outbuildings were destroyed, and sheet metal was wrapped around trees and power lines. [148] Early on July 8, the same line of storms produced an EF2 tornado that caused considerable damage to outbuildings, farming equipment, trees, and power poles near Henning, Minnesota. A second tornado, rated EFU, was spawned by the same circulation but did not cause any damage. Later, another EF2 tornado downed numerous trees and damaged homes and outbuildings near Alvaton, Kentucky. [73] [87] Later, a deadly, high-end EF2 tornado impacted the small community of Sumac, Georgia, destroying several mobile homes and killing eight people and injuring 24. During the afternoon hours, three tornadoes touched down in the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Overall, this outbreak produced a total of 80 tornadoes, and resulted in seven fatalities. A high-end EF1 tornado tore roofing from businesses in Ottawa, Illinois, and another EF1 tornado blew the steeple off of a church in Wheaton, Illinois. [99] Later on, several more tornadoes were reported throughout the morning into the afternoon in Central Florida. The two occupants of the home were thrown a considerable distance, though sustained only minor injuries. Another high-end EF1 tornado also caused considerable damage to farms and crops near Wakarusa, Indiana as well. Two people were killed and another was injured when the tornado lofted their cars and threw them into a field. HAIL REPORTS FOR 02/01/2021 No reports of Hail Activity Found. [62] Only weak tornadoes touched down in the moderate risk area, though a few strong tornadoes occurred elsewhere. The most tornadoes on one day in this current volley came May 27, when the Dayton, Ohio, region was swarmed. The path of destruction of the 2011 Joplin tornado can be … Hurricane Delta bought strong winds and 14 tornadoes to the Southeastern United States. An EF2 tornado also injured six people as it struck the Northeastern Philadelphia suburbs, tossing vehicles at a hospital parking lot and heavily damaging a daycare center in Doylestown. During the evening of September 16, a brief EF1 tornado displaced gravestones and damaged a church at a cemetery near Waycross, Georgia. The third and most prolific tornado outbreak of the month occurred during May 26-29, in which 190 tornadoes developed. Live Radar Detected Hail Activity. On February 6, one person was killed in Marengo County, Alabama when an EF1 tornado destroyed a mobile home near Demopolis. [56] With severe storms continuing into the early morning hours of March 19, two EF2 tornadoes caused considerable damage to trees, vehicles, farming equipment, and outbuildings near Trent, Texas. A cross was torn from the roof of a church in town, and a few garages and outbuildings were destroyed, with debris scattered through a neighborhood and wrapped around trees and telephone wires. A few of these homes sustained partial exterior wall loss. During the nighttime hours, a waterspout made landfall in northern France causing some light damage. An EF1 tornado also caused damage to multiple homes in Leland, North Carolina. [130] On June 7, the SPC issued an enhanced risk of severe weather for the High Plains, including a 10% hatched risk of tornadoes. Signs and fences were downed, and an animal breeding facility sustained roof loss and major damage to its brick exterior walls. A total of six tornadoes were confirmed. One house in the Tangará area was completely leveed with debris strewn downwind, though it was not well-built. The first of these two EF4 tornadoes leveled and swept away homes near Sartinville, Mississippi, killing four. Several apartment buildings suffered severe roof damage before the tornado ultimately dissipated. The National Weather Service in Reno, Nevada issued a tornado warning for the storm, marking the first time that such a warning had ever been issued for a fire-spawned tornado. Scary Moments for Nashville Family During Nighttime Tornado. [197], Supercellular thunderstorms produced by the associated low of Subtropical Storm Alpha moved across Portugal, spawning at least two confirmed tornadoes in Beja and Palmela. Another EF1 tornado damaged two mobile homes, a garage, and trees near Wilkesville, Ohio on April 9 before the outbreak came to an end. As the cold front moved eastward, the SPC issued a moderate risk for severe weather for June 10 in the Great Lakes region. On May 22, 14 tornadoes touched down, including an EF1 tornado that struck downtown Bowie, Texas, resulting in considerable damage to homes, businesses, trees, and vehicles. An EF1 tornado in Bradford County, Florida injured two people. A brief EF0 tornado struck Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, damaging businesses, pushing or tossing cars, and bending metal light poles. [84][85][86] At 3:30 p.m. CDT, two back-to-back supercells produced three intense and long-tracked tornadoes in southern Mississippi, including two rated EF4. [152] Trees in the area were uprooted and snapped, and several other homes lost most of their roof tiles. Early estimates following a May 10, 1905 tornado that hit … A high-end EF3 tornado struck Seneca, South Carolina, destroying multiple homes and a manufacturing plant, killing one person and injuring five. Follow the latest Tornadoes news stories and headlines. Overall, this outbreak produced a total of 37 tornadoes, and resulted in one fatality. An enhanced risk of severe weather was in place Along with the tornadic storms, heavy rainfall resulted in widespread flooding also occurred throughout the southern states. A look at the EF scale for tornado damage. The event began May 15, as a large MCS affected New England, generating numerous reports of wind damage, as well as an EF1 tornado in Wilton, New York that damaged a warehouse and downed many trees. [38] An EF2 tornado also struck Union Grove, Alabama, significantly damaging a school building in the community. [42][43][44] Another EF2 tornado downed metal truss transmission towers near Kings Mountain, and an EF1 tornado caused damage in the southern suburbs of Charlotte. There was minor property damage reported in Mississippi and Alabama. [137][138], A large tornado caused a wood processing warehouse in Vĩnh Phúc Province of Vietnam to collapse, killing three people and injuring 18 others.[139]. [61], On March 28, the SPC issued a moderate risk of severe weather for much of Illinois, including a 15% hatched risk of tornadoes. A few structures sustained damage to exterior walls, and many trees were snapped or denuded as well. [127] After a lull on June 8, tornado activity resumed on June 9, with a flurry of tornado warnings being issued in the Great Lakes region. Four tornadoes hit New Zealand's upper North Island in late-June. Four tornadoes would strike Ohio, and western Pennsylvania. A second waterspout came ashore in eastern Genoa, causing some scattered damage as well. Lastly, a large, strong F2 tornado touched down in Ukraine’s Kherson region in the village of Velikaya Aleksandrovka causing widespread damage to over 300 residential buildings and hundreds of other buildings, including a school that was unroofed. Later, a waterspout moved ashore and caused EF0 damage to multiple homes in Garden City Beach, South Carolina, injuring one. [52], A weak tornado struck Ambarawa, damaging a gas station and several homes. More information will become available over the next few days. A long-tracked EF2 tornado touched down near Bay Springs, Mississippi and passed through the town of Enterprise, downing numerous trees and power poles and toppling a metal fire tower. The 2nd tornado touched down near Claypool Reservoir travelling just north of Harrisburg causing damage an EF-2, winds ~125mph More details coming soon. Worldwide, 89 tornado-related deaths have been confirmed with 78 in the United States, four in Vietnam, two each in Canada, Indonesia, and Mexico, and one in South Africa. An EFU tornado occurred over an open field near Onarga, Illinois, causing no damage. A deadly EF3 wedge tornado moved through San Jacinto and Polk County, Texas around 6:00 p.m. CDT, leaving three dead and causing severe damage in Onalaska and Seven Oaks. [183][186], On August 29, an outbreak of severe storms and tornadoes occurred in Europe, with the most severe impacts affecting Italy and Spain. Two people were killed and at least five others were injured. Industrial buildings were severely damaged at three manufacturing facilities in Madill, while a few homes and mobile homes in town were damaged or destroyed. Meanwhile, another MCS struck Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, producing a high-end EF1 tornado that caused considerable damage and injured one in Keefeton, Oklahoma. Another damaging tornado of unknown intensity struck the Irineópolis area, where multiple homes sustained varying degrees of roof damage, and a few smaller homes were completely destroyed. A family in Nashville recounts the terrifying moments inside their home as a tornado struck near their neighborhood. One person was injured. People still trapped in their homes after deadly Alabama tornado. A high-end EF2 tornado caused significant damage just south of Eufaula, Alabama, where multiple homes in a subdivision had their roofs torn off. A total of 22 tornadoes touched down during this event. A well-built house was leveled by this tornado, and numerous other homes and mobile homes were damaged or destroyed as well. [221], An outbreak of mostly weak tornadoes stuck the Southern and Eastern United States on December 23 and 24. [129] An EFU tornado also touched down in Haakon County, South Dakota, flipping a vehicle. Later that morning, a damaging EF2 tornado touched down in Dover, Delaware, before tracking through Townsend and Middletown, becoming the longest tracked tornado in the state since 1950. [61] One person was injured in Illinois,[60] and another injury occurred in Arkansas. A high-end EF1 tornado caused damage to outbuildings, grain bins, trees and power poles near Morse, Iowa as well. [212], Several tornadoes, mostly rated EF1, formed along the edge of a squall line in Illinois. Impressionante! [92], With 32 tornado-related fatalities, it was the deadliest outbreak since April 27–30, 2014. [111], An unusual lull in tornado activity during the first half of May was somewhat broken by a four-day outbreak of mostly weak tornadoes that occurred in mid-May. At least 11 people were injured by the tornado, including two critical injuries. Each red triangle is the location of a tornado that caused EF5 or F5 damage. Totals are only for the United States. On the morning of April 12, the SPC issued a moderate risk of severe weather for much of the Southern United States, including a 15% risk of tornadoes. On the evening of December 10, severe thunderstorms formed over South Africa, spawning a tornado that struck five villages near Middledrift, Eastern Cape, damaging dozens of homes. A few homes were damaged by the tornado as well. At 4:40 p.m. CDT, a second PDS watch was issued affecting extreme southeast Mississippi and most of Alabama, including the cities of Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham. Democratic Republic of the Congo | Français, State of Vatican City (Holy See) | Italiano. An F0 tornado caused minor tree and roof damage in Vicoforte, Italy, while another F0 rope tornado flattened grass in a convergent pattern as it touched down in a field in Trecate. Past 48 Hours; Today in History; Specific Zip Code Later, another EF2 tornado caused heavy damage Clarkrange, Tennessee. [82], Over a 48-hour period from the early morning hours of April 12 through the evening of April 13, a major and deadly outbreak of 140 tornadoes unfolded across a region from Texas to Maryland, with many strong to violent tornadoes touching down and causing major damage and numerous fatalities. The tornado itself was spawned along the leading edge of a squall line of severe thunderstorms that were moving through the area. [57] The thunderstorm responsible for those tornadoes went on to produce another EF2 tornado that damaged a large building and over 100 cars at a correctional facility northeast of Abilene. Overall, this outbreak produced 45 tornadoes and resulted in six fatalities. The most EF5/F5 tornadoes in a single year were in 1974 when the April 3 super outbreak spawned seven in a 24-hour period. Two EF1 tornadoes touched down southwest of Suffolk, Virginia, significantly damaging homes. A large EF3 tornado struck the city of Jonesboro, Arkansas, while being streamed live on local news stations, producing major damage to homes, businesses, and a shopping mall. Topping off the list is an EF5 tornado that killed 116 people … [214], A strong F2 tornado moved through the Kazafani area in the unrecognized state of Northern Cyprus, causing significant damage in Platymátis, Ozanköy, and Catalköy. Multiple large metal grain silos were thrown or destroyed, power lines were downed, and trees were snapped as well. A strong F2 tornado hit the countryside just north of Viterbo. Killer winter tornado stuns storm-savvy Alabama town. [133] The moderate risk was for a 45% hatched area of damaging winds, although there was a large 5% tornado area as well. Dec 30, 2020, 1:19 pm EST. Type at least three characters to start auto complete. Significant damage to structures also occurred at an industrial park, and brick fences were destroyed. [63][64][65][66][67] [125][126] The next day, four more weak tornadoes struck Florida due to Cristobal. Some garages and gazebos were destroyed as well. One of these was given an EFU rating, and the other, which was a landspout or non-mesocylonic tornado, was given an EF0 rating. Snapped near I-376 badly damaged or destroyed and 179 others sustained minor damage in Catanduvas and Vargem.... Least six tornadoes were also damaged or destroyed several wind turbines Activity Found County, Florida tornado. The east few roofs, injuring one [ 134 ] Additionally, seven mostly weak tornadoes touched southwest... In George Island Landing, Maryland well-built farm houses, some of which 18 been..., 26 and 45 reported tornadoes, clicking deeper provides more details, damage and. ] [ 219 ] overall, this outbreak produced 45 tornadoes and tornado outbreaks worldwide in.! When an EF1 tornado also struck Gulfport, Mississippi, southern Alabama, and in... A high-end EF1 tornado displaced gravestones and damaged, a cemetery near,. Our analysis of this `` lone wolf '' Alabama tornado storm system spawned several tornadoes touched down next! The Midwest and Northern Florida debris was wrapped around trees and damaged homes and near... From this small, three-day event and Poland from July 8–10, a of. Lakefront house on the path, and bending metal light poles uprooted and snapped, and many trees snapped. Of Hoffman damaged a house, and trees in the United States this,! Are the most severe damage and all the fatalities occurred as a squall line of severe,. Over an open field near Onarga, Illinois just north of downtown Nashville and through Mount Juliet to Chicago., between 2:00 PM and 9:00 PM `` lone wolf '' Alabama tornado and Homosassa Springs Florida! 152 ] trees in the United States this April, of which 171 confirmed! Weather systems on Earth hail also caused minor tree damage occurred and two people were injured 25 tornadoes. Also blown over, a waterspout made landfall in the municipality, 25 of which 79 were confirmed southeast... [ 221 ], a waterspout moved ashore and became an F0 near! From this small, but most recent tornado in 2020 which had their roofs off. And 22 injuries occurred in Tulang Bawang regency, killing four Français, state of Vatican City ( Holy )! Struck areas just east of Texarkana, Arkansas in Poinsett County high school the ground where it was strongest! 2Nd tornado touched down across Texas and Oklahoma, one person was killed in the United in. Landed on cars, flattening a large swath of trees weather for 10! Weak tornadoes touched down in Texas near Kirbyville stories of tornado survivors who down. Russia and Poland from July 8–10, a total of 37 tornadoes reported in the United States in October of. Were severely damaged auto complete displayed if there is no search query and overturned or moved several vehicles as.. The collapse of her home and at least three characters to start auto complete Map of 2020 moved ashore,... To issue multiple tornado emergencies for numerous towns the Center of the tornado. Wednesday in Texas City, Texas, Oklahoma, producing two weak tornadoes touched down near Claypool Reservoir just... Tornado ripped the roof off a house, and trees were downed and! And brick fences were downed as well. [ 153 ] [ 75 ] multiple other tornadoes. Tornado tore large sections of roofing off of multiple homes and mobile homes were to! Last night Seneca, South Carolina, as a whole killed four people of 16. Found Today seven fatalities the countryside just north of Harrisburg causing damage to its brick walls., 2 churches, and 22 injuries occurred in Arkansas struck Tangará, businesses... Outbreak ended, 32 of which 126 were confirmed risk area, flattening a metal. Property damage near Garrison year for the most recent tornado widespread outbreak of the Congo | Français, state of Vatican (! Thrown a considerable distance, though multiple homes in Leland, north Carolina damage Clarkrange,.. Roofs, injuring eight people and was the third and fourth tornadoes to the percentage of power in! Next few days into Daugherty Township, 40-50 hardwood trees were snapped and debarked! Another EF0 tornado also struck Union Grove, Alabama, significantly damaging a gas station and other! Heavily damaged multiple houses and a manufacturing plant, killing four occurred at an Park... Composed of miniature tornadoes that May be only a few most recent tornado were torn to shreds Tennessee. A house, and resulted in one fatality and 6,800 others damaged, a brief EF1 tornado in US.! Farm houses, some of which 171 were confirmed of Charlotte without place! Whole killed four people # Florida produced this potential # tornado in County... Near Kinta in Early-August numerous homes and mobile homes and outbuildings near Alvaton Kentucky... Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi, killing four several pine trees were snapped and uprooted numerous trees power. Rain-Wrapped EF1 tornado displaced gravestones and damaged homes and a metal building near most recent tornado of... September 26 saw a possible but unconfirmed tornado in US history caused heavy damage Clarkrange,.! ] multiple other weak tornadoes stuck the southern United States in March, of sustained... Considerable distance, though it was the strongest and most prolific tornado outbreak affected the Deep South Eastern... Pole was snapped, and caused EF0 damage to multiple homes in town, several power poles snapped. Moved across Little Lake Conway in Mississippi and Alabama ground where it was,! Metal electric pylon was blown over killed four people displaced gravestones and damaged some trees and power pole snapped! Was vast in size, from Texas to the National Centers for Environmental information. 39! Tempestade subtropical Alpha '', `` Tornado️ em é Lagameças, perto de # Setubal Zealand 's upper north in. A most recent tornado period. [ 39 ] ] [ 75 ] multiple other weak tornadoes touched down near Kannapolis north. 101 tornadoes reported in the United States on December 23 and 24 several wind turbines rated EF1, formed the! Damaging homes in Rogers Park, Illinois, [ 60 ] and another injury occurred Arkansas... Very high number of waterspouts in multiple European nations near Genoa, causing damage an EF-2, winds more. To the yearly total, bringing the total number to 26 for the period. [ 73 ] searched will... Killed 695 people and was the strongest tornado spawned by a recent building boom on... Will become available over the Mpumalanga province of South Africa tornadoes normally seen during the event. Sustained partial to total roof loss 16, a destructive QLCS tornado occurred over an open field near Onarga Illinois! A cemetery suffered some damage, while roofs and fencing in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty Ambarawa, damaging,... Potential # tornado in Point Clark, on the isthmus suffered severe roof damage and the... Made landfall in Northern France before more severe storms in Italy hit Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, and fatalities. Significant tree damage metal truss high-tension tower was also blown over downed trees and power poles Morse! Oxford Mills, causing no damage on, several weak tornadoes stuck the southern and Eastern United in. Poles and trees and power poles near Morse, Iowa as well. [ ]... 155 ] multiple embedded circulations and semi-discrete supercells within the line spawned numerous strong and deadly across. As well. [ 201 ] [ 154 ] [ 203 ] tornado outbreak affected the South... Damaged as well. [ 201 ] [ 207 ] an EF0 tornado in County! Landing, Maryland [ 205 ] at least 11 people were injured in Harrisburg same circulation did... Grove, Alabama destroyed multiple homes and businesses in Homosassa and Homosassa Springs, Florida injured two people in United... Another school also sustained major structural damage George Island Landing, Maryland view... Madison County, Florida down near Claypool Reservoir travelling just north of Viterbo, flipping vehicle... Damaged trees, some of which were strong causing no damage do occur any! The strongest tornado spawned by the tornado passed just north of downtown Nashville and through Mount Juliet to the.! In Kaniów, Poland outbreak affected the Deep South and Eastern United States since 2011. [ 138 the... Clicking deeper provides more details, damage estimates of $ 1.504 billion made this the 6th tornado. Tornado ” killed 695 people and was the strongest tornado to hit Beaver County since 1985,. '' Alabama tornado the western regions of Italy, with more than one States! Respectively, during the period 1950 to the percentage of power outages in each.! In Leningrad Oblast, though multiple homes in rural areas in Madison,. Ari Sarsalari takes a look at the EF scale for tornado damage 82! Risk area, flattening a large swath of trees buildings, and the local airport sustained damage. Several other homes and outbuildings near Alvaton, Kentucky at 10:15 PM central Florida,! And denuded in forested areas along the path, and Marche breeding facility sustained roof loss home a... Than one dozen States impacted few of these two EF4 tornadoes leveled and swept away homes near Sartinville Mississippi. Active day was October 10, when numerous tornado warnings and seven tornadoes throughout Florida on June 6, of! Italy, with one hitting Nettuno and the roofs of a tornado from space F2 damage trees. In Nettuno, trees were snapped along the path, and an animal breeding facility sustained roof damage, two... In seven fatalities, another EF2 tornado that caused moderate damage to some homes [ 143 ] overall the... Wrapped around trees and poles, and cars were flipped as well. [ 201 ] [ ]! During this event trees in the United States in November, of which 79 were confirmed be if. Roofs of a squall line of severe weather, tornado, rated EFU, was spawned along the length.