Project Archive

“Robotic eye” is such a device that will follow an object according to its motion. Our robotic eye can follow a moving object and this is done on color basis. That means when we say it to follow a ‘red’ object it does so and same for ‘blue’ and ‘green’. These colors are obviously the fundamental colors around us. The basic is quite easy. A webcam is attached to the pc/laptop and snaps are taken at regular interval (very small though!!). 2 of the snaps are compared and processed via ‘Matlab’ to find out whether any motion of object detected. If any motion was there, then necessary information is conveyed to the motor to follow the object. The basement of the webcam is attached to the motor. So basically the webcam is working like an eye and following the moving object.

The objective of this project is to make a model of a robotic hand, which can move objects from one place to another.

Letters are sorted according to area code. The characters on the envelope are read as input. The area code number is compared and the letters are transferred to different boxes. Number of letters sorted in each box is displayed by led displays.

An array of LED lights is rotated by a motor. The LED lights can be placed either vertically producing a cylindrical display surface when rotated, or horizontally, in which case, producing a circular disc display surface. We placed LEDs vertically. Using a Microcontroller delay routine, the LEDs are blinked causing letters to be displayed on the cylindrical surface.

Basically the cargo handler is a line follower which was intended to deliver cargo from one station to the next. It stops at on station for a specific time for loading or unloading before moving on to the next. In case there are obstacles in its path, the vehicle will stop to avoid collision. It is also designed to find its way around obstacles by maneuvering itself to alternate paths.

Traffic roads are monitored with webcamera and the video is used to extract traffic desnsity  using image processing in MATLAB. The values found from image processing is used to contol traffic light. A system of four cross road is employed and only two web camera is used.

Digital Answer Evaluator is a Digital examination system in which the answer of each multiple choice question (MCQ) is preset in the system. The students only need to specify the no. of the question he/she wants to answer before answering the question. For answering there are four switches corresponding to a, b, c, and d choices of the answers. Total no. of the correct answer, total no. of the wrong answer and total number the student has obtained is calculated within the system and is shown to the examiner after every question has been answered. There is no need of extra answer script.

In this project, in mobile interfacing we have controlled lights through sms (Short Message Service). In this project, a sms is send from one mobile (sender) to a distant mobile (receiver).  The receiver is connected to a microcontroller, which will read the sms send from the sender to the receiver, and then perform a particular job. This reading and decoding the sms is done by a special command, called AT command. AT means ‘Attention Terminal’. All mobiles that support GSM technology also support AT command. Through AT command we can access mobile memory, whether it is using sim memory or phone memory. Then depending on this decision we can send particular AT command to read the sms stored in the mobile phone, and then decode that sms in our microcontroller.