Project Archive


Technical issues:

Since the project was done without a microcontroller, the circuitry using only logic gates became very large. Interconnections were many and implementation of PCB was difficult.

Cost and Time requirement:

Cost of PCB Boards- according to per square inch was Tk 4. Total cost was around taka seven hundred.

Cost of ICs- AND gates, OR gates, NOT gates, NOR gates and NAND gates costs around Tk 20 to Tk 25 each. Memory registers and comparators costs around Tk 30 to Tk 40 each. LED displays and their drivers costs Tk 20 each. Breadboards, Mutli-meters, soldering iron and other working tools cost varied according to quality.

Suggestive Resources:

Any book containing information on Digital Logic Devices will do. Knowledge for working with Proteus and Ares is required.

Where to get things from:

We bought all equipments from Stadium Market.