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Our robotic hand has three basic moving parts and three locomotive wheels below the hand.

Geared motors are used to rotate the moving parts of the hand.

At bottom, a geared motor rotates the whole hand around a vertical axis.

Above it, motor 2 rotates the rest around a horizontal axis.

At the top, motor 3 rotates the grip.

Among the locomotive wheels, the 2 in the back are motor-driven independently.

The front wheel provides the mechanical support only.


Control of Geared Motors:

The geared motors are controlled using DPDT switches having stable open position.


When the 2 back wheels together rotate forward, the whole body goes forward.

Similarly, when the 2 back wheels together rotate backward, the whole body goes backward.

If one wheel rotates and another either stops or rotates in opposite direction, the whole body rotates.

The motors for wheels are controlled individually.



Future Expansion:

  • The whole structure can be made remote controlled.
  • Degrees of freedom can be increased by using more motors.
  • Then the robot may be used in different harsh environments to do certain jobs which are dangerous, laborious and boring to human beings.