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Technical Issue:

1. One common problem with this one is the ‘usb to serial converter’ issue. You can do USB interfacing but we went the other way to avoid complexity. You can buy ‘usb to serial converter’ from market-try to avoid the cheap one, it does not work well (at least in our case).

2. During experiment try to make your background white to avoid any kind of inconvenience and as a result you will be able to give good snaps for processing.

3. In our case we used the stepper motor to precisely detect any kind of motion. But that’s not a good idea because it will not make your robotic eye flexible. So try to use any other effective motor instead of this.

4. Instead of Matlab you can use ‘openCV’ also. We tried it too but find matlab easier. If you have any confusion that matlab may not work in real time but that’s not true-it’s just fine.

Cost :

Webcam 800-1500  BDT.
USB to serial converter 800-900 BDT.
Microcontroller and other ICs 1000 BDT.

In total you may need near 3000 BDT in making this.

Time :

Two weeks ( I guess more than enough if time is spent properly).

Suggestive resources:

(Note- When using ‘Matlab’ try to use the mathworks site fully. It will make your job easier and clear).

Note: You can find all the necessary ICs and other stuffs in Patualtuli or Stadium market.


Group Members:

Sadique Faisal Khan (0706091).

Dipta Majumder (0706093).

Tanvir Mustofa (0706095).

Sayeed Zahidul Islam (0706097).

H. M. Mesbah Maruf (0706103).

Md. Saleh-Ebn-Sharif (0706106).

Md. Rafiul Huda (0706119).

M. Masud Reza (0706120).