Project Archive


Technical Issues:

Technical Issues that means various problems that only has been encountered during the project but not theoretically has been discussed below:

  1. As we have used lot of switches there is de-bouncing problem in our project. This problem sometimes causes ambiguous result which is unexpected.
  • De-bouncing is due to mechanical switches which causes spikes in electrical signals, so instead of getting one pulse in one switching period there are many impulses which creates the ambiguity.
  1. We have used a lot of resistances in our project. They have consumed power and generated heat which is not tolerable for the circuit.
  • And for these reason there is a loading effect on the adaptor that we have used as a constant voltage source. So instead of giving constant voltage of 5 volt, the adaptor supplies less than 5 volts.


Time Requirements:

The total time required for this project is not more than two weeks. But it is better to keep minimum 4/5 weeks’ time in hand, because there may be many unexpected problems during the project such as problem in IC, bread board, market unavailability etc.

Where to get things from:

From any electrical market that sells electrical components in Patuatulli or stadium market one can get these components necessary for this project.