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Technical Issues:

Good sensors are required. We used IR sensors in our project. However, to follow the track, Hall-effect sensors would have provided a better solution.

Cost and Time Requirement:

Cost of Structure- Variable. Our structure required around Tk 300 to Tk 500.

Cost of ICs-Same as before.

Cost of IR sensors- Tk 75 for each Transmitter/Receiver pair.

Cost of RF transmitter and receiver-Tk-800.

Cost of PCB Board- Tk 7 per square inch.

Suggestive Resources:

Basic line following technique can be understood from this pdf:

However maneuvering between paths and object detection had to be implemented ourselves.

Where to get things from:

Structure was made form furniture shop. RF transmitter and Receiver were bought from Patuatuli, old Dhaka. ICs were from Stadium market.