Project Video Library

13 Batch

5 Way Traffic System

Implementayion of Miller Indices

Rock, Paper, Scissiors

Home Automation System

Digital Clock with Date and Day


The Blazing Core

Electronic Voting Machine

4 Player Quiz

Digital Cash Counter

Smart Car Parking System

Smart Card Based Electronic Voting Machine

Distance Meter

Elective Subject Allocation System

2 by 2 Matrix Computation

Cricket Scoreboard

Multipurpose Digital Clock

Clap Operated Fan Speed Regulator

Snake Ladder Game

Catch or Die

Digital Lock with Voice Recognition

Common Control for 2 Lifts - Inspired by ECE Lifts

Elevator Logic Circuit

Digital Ticket Counter

4 Way traffic Control

Pong game in FPGA

Escrow - An Encryption Device

Previous Batchs

Line Maze Solving Robotic Car:

OMR Machine:

Obstacle Avoiding Relief Robot:

Bazinga Game:

Password & Infrared Alarm System:

Digital Cash Register:

Digital Dice Game:

Elevator Control System:

Remote Control Operation of Electrical Appliances:

Digital Clock using Dot Matrix:

4 Bit Binary Sorting:

RPM Counter:

Tic Tac Toe Game:

LED Cube 8x8x8

Braille project.

Driving 5x5x5 cube with the lowest number of pins possible

Pong Game with Verilog

Catching the rain(Game project)

Tic Tac Toe Game implementation with Logic Gates

Simple digital cash register

3 bit Digital Cash Counter