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Size reduction and multiband performance.

Wireless communication system suffers significant performance degradation due to channel fading and parameter synchronization impairments. Several signal processing techniques are proposed over the years for ensuring high speed and good reliability for a wireless communication system. In this content, we have proposed an analytical approach for the evaluation of performance of CDMA based Communication system considering channel fading and other system impairments. Both single carrier and multi –carrier CDMA are taken into consideration and bit error rate is chosen as the performance metric of the system. Analysis is carried out to evaluate the BER performance for MC-DS-CDMA system with and without space diversity and error correction coding. Analysis is also extended to include effect of time synchronization error and frequency offset of carrier due to Doppler frequency shift. Numerical simulation result of these analyses indicates that joint integration of diversity and turbo coding not only improves bit error rate performance (10-8 to 10-9) with lowering power requirement but also improves system spectral efficiency. As a result for next generation wireless communication system this technique is very promising for ensuring high speed as well as reliability. Besides typical wireless communication, analysis is also carried out for free space optical (FSO) MC-DS-CDMA communication system in presence of atmospheric turbulence induced fading. For this communication system application of diversity and coding are found to be very efficient to ensure a very reliable performance when strong turbulence fading is suffered by the system.

Ultrasonogram is a popular imaging technique for diagnosis. But it cannot provide information about the stiffness of tissues. It is known that pathological tissues are generally 5-10 times stiffer than the normal tissues. If this additional information is available then specificity of diagnosis can be improved. That’s why ultrasound elastography is increasingly becoming popular, which can provide elasticity information of the tissues. It has shown great possibility for diagnosing breast cancer and prostate cancer, liver cirrhosis and vascular plaque, and detecting them at an early stage. It can eliminate the need of unnecessary biopsy and can detect non-palpable tumor and cancer tissues.

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There is a virtual research group named- ‘BUET METAMATERIAL RESEARCH GROUP’.So far (27.4.2012), 22 students are working on new Research Projects of Metamaterials (05 batch- 4 students, 06 batch- 3 students, 07 batch- 6 students & 08 batch- 9 students). We think our thesis was the starting point (BUET 05 batch). [please visit the point - 'Areas of Further Improvement']So, we suggest all to visit our thesis at least once.For Detail, please contact with us.

Performance Analysis of Multichannel Denoising Schemes for Electroencephalography and Other Signal Processing Applications.

In this project, Radiation Activity Measurement Simulation has been implemented using DAQ and LABView to provide a virtual environment for designing and simulating Radio Activity Detection and Measurement experiments.