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Mabrour Hossain Noor 0606129

Abstract / Summary

For the blind extraction of global signal from multichannel noisy observations, we need to perform two tasks—dereverberation and denoising. This thesis deals with denoising.

Keywords (example- )

Blind signal extraction
Multichannel denoising
Digital signal processing


Digital signal processing
Stochastic process
Random signals and processes
Signals and systems

Important Outcome

Performance analysis of some denoising schemes that may be used for further research on multichannel denoising, and hence for the blind extraction of global signal from multichannel noisy observations.

Major Problems faced

It was a research. Research is always full of problems. The major problem was that there was no significant outcome. The research area was one of the hardest and most challenging in the world. Therefore, although the outcome was not that much significant in the general sense, it was not that insignificant either, especially when the field of the research—i.e., digital signal processing—is considered.

Areas of further improvement / Future work

It was a research. There are always many areas of further improvement in every research. This research has been going on for ‘thousands’ of years, and it is expected to go on this way…

Your Advice

The only advice I can give regarding this thesis is—
Avoid this research, at least in undergraduate level. If you wish, you may work on this field for your ‘post-doctorate’ research.