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Thesis Supervisor

Supervisor: Dr. Md. Kamrul Hasan. Research collaborator: Soo Yeol Lee – Kyung Hee University, South Korea Kaisar Alam – Riverside Research Institute, USA

Thesis Group


Group Memebers

Faisal Mohsin (0606045)

Keywords (example- )

Elastography, Ultrasound strain imaging


Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical signal Processing, Image Processing, Numerical Methods, Matlab.

Important Outcome

I have designed the best algorithm till now for elastogram generation.

Major Problems faced

It’s a little bit tough to finish all the works (research, technical writing, presentation…) by yourself. Sometimes you need a partner who can inspire you in times of frustration

Areas of further improvement / Future work

Your Advice

Our project is funded by HEQEP, and we got around 95 lakh tk. 63 lakh was used to import an ultrasonogram research machine (Ultrasonix 500RP). Our research group consists of 1 phd candidate, 2 research engineer (msc candidate), 1 lecturer of BUET, 4 undergrad students, 4 doctors (DMC, PG, LabAid). Till now we have tested about 50 patients for breast cancer and our target is about 2000.

The whole experience is awesome, because I am in a research group and working with practical data; which has impact in real life. Also learned how do research by international collaboration. It can be compared with doing phd for 1 year :)

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