The company’s snorkeling excursions embark to Laguna Madre Estuary, where the shallow water is three to six feet in depth, making it an ideal place for visitors of all ages and abilities to experience the wonderful South Padre Island snorkeling. BEST BEACH FOR: Anyone dragging a cooler or in a wheelchair – for whom the ramp is a big help. The scientific uniqueness and significance of Laguna Madre is, unfortunately, known only in scientific circles. The Laguna Madre Estuary is located along the lower coast of Texas, with it's southernmost portion extending near to the Texas-Mexico border. BEST BEACH FOR: Body whompers, tide pool lovers, and Laguna’s 20-somethings. It's a very simple marine habitat lifestyle, you can see: balloon fish, sargassum fish, grouper, porgies, moon jelly fish, minnows, piggy perch, hermit crabs, sand trout and mullets. In contrast, other recreational activity participants spent more outside the local region ($7.4 million) than did sport fishermen ($6.7 million). Bring your snorkel gear, your camera, and your sense of adventure to have an amazing time! The lunch of burgers and perros calientes were fantastic. The Laguna Madre is a unique hypersaline lagoon. This large shallow body of water separates Padre Island from the southern Texas mainland is actually one … BEST BEACH FOR: Aquatic explorers and coffee-sipping romantics. With certified snorkeling guides and dive instructors, South Padre Island offers a variety of excursions, including a visit to the Laguna Madre Estuary or the South Padre Island jetties. Laguna Madre Estuary, where the Rio Grande meets the Gulf of Mexico, is a hypersaline lagoon packed with tropical fish like pinfish, smooth butterfly rays, houndfish, and sleeper gobies. Alternately, there is interesting snorkeling in Laguna Madre Estuary where the Rio Grande meets the gulf, and you may encounter sea turtles amongst the sea grass (watch out for sharks in the murky water). BEST BEACH FOR: Snorkelers, privacy seekers, and SUP (Stand-Up Paddling) stars. If there are no major waves to contend with, any beach with visible rocks jutting out of the water is sure to provide solid options for undersea exploration. Laguna Madre are popular sport fishing destinations. Laguna Madre, in particular, is a, There are several different tropical fish within this area along the lower Texas coast and Mexican border, making it one of the best recreational fishing and snorkeling areas in the region. The best destinations for snorkeling within the island are around the South Padre jetties, Iron Reef Little Sara and Laguna Madre Estuary. Laguna Madre, in particular, is a negative estuary. Book a tour with American Diving, hailed for their knowledge and helpfulness. The term hypersaline merely means that this body of water is saltier than seawater that flows in, meaning that it evaporates faster than fresh water flows in. the Laguna Madre estuary of $67.7 million were also greater than those for other recreational activity of $50.8 millon. Below the water line, she’s a modern sea-worthy vessel with the latest marine technology. This is a great trip for first time snorkeling or kiddos wanting to try it out. This shallow area can be rather murky after storms, so be sure to stay alert for shark activity! Lots of piggy perch, carp and other small fish to see as well as shells and clams. Big swells not only spoil visibility, they also create a dangerous situation for inexperienced snorkelers or divers entering the water. Snorkeling standouts include Shaw's Cove, Diver's Cove, and the south end of Thousand Steps, but the options are virtually endless in Laguna Beach. Explore the Laguna Madre Estuary, a beautiful spot where the Rio Grande meets the Gulf of Mexico – perfect for snorkeling. 381 Forest Avenue Laguna Beach, CA 92651U.S. A spectacular underwater world hidden within the mangroves. Average quarterly wage and employment in the Laguna Madre Estuary region, 1993-1995. BEST BEACH FOR: Young children and the SCUBA/snorkel set. Signup to receive our newsletter to stay updated on this seven-mile stretch of sand and surf that offers year-round retreat for art lovers, nature enthusiasts and beachgoers. Snorkeling at Laguna Madre Estuary Welcome to the Laguna Madre Estuary, the gorgeous southern Texas spot where the Rio Grande enters the Gulf of Mexico. Mature mangrove trees provide excellent nursery areas for baby fish to grow up. ​One of the many great things about Laguna Beach is the walkability of our seaside village. This tour is provided by our sister company, American Diving. Head to South Padre Island near Corpus Christi for one of the best places to snorkel in Texas. The Laguna Madre Nature Trail is a boardwalk that runs from the South Padre Island Convention Center to the Laguna Madre wetlands. Welcome to the Laguna Madre Estuary, the gorgeous southern Texas spot where the Rio Grande enters the Gulf of Mexico. Sponsored Listings. Whether you're flying in, or driving into town, we can help make your arrival as easy as possible with these helpful tips and links. Spot different marine creatures, such as the sea turtles who like to come to nibble the seagrass at the estuary beds, or perhaps a school of. Are you looking for an affordable,customized group trip? Our snorkeling excursions go to the Laguna Madre Estuary or the South Padre Island jetties (as weather permits). This large shallow body of water separates Padre Island from the southern Texas mainland is actually one of the largest hypersaline coastal lagoons in the world, ranked fourth largest out of six.