The stations are listed under any former county or country name which was appropriate for the duration of operation. Those who excel at drill may one day be chosen to join the prestigious Queen’s Colour Squadron, which performs drill movements to crowds all over the world. Keep your back leg straight with your heel in contact with the floor. The Royal Air Force (RAF) is made up of a number of units which are categorised into one of four groupings: The RAF is divided into ‘groups’ and then into ‘wings’. Trainees will be taught how to handle and fire weapons in a professional manner and learn how to survive to fight in all environmental conditions (Table 3). Trainees will then have 4 weeks of training exercises that will put their leadership skills to the test in various operational settings. RAF Barnham (also called Barnham Camp) is a Royal Air Force station situated in the English county of Suffolk 2 miles (3.2 km) south of the Norfolk town of Thetford.It is located to the north of the village of Barnham on Thetford Heaths. Sniper Training, both Sniper Courses are conducted at RTS(C) as centralised training (Basic and Command). The third week is Shoot to Kill (SA (E) & (F) (90) qualifications) and the fourth week is Battle Lessons and Exercises to gain the SA (M) (07) qualification. Themes covered include camouflage and concealment skills, map reading and navigation, battlefield first aid and setting up camp safely. Free Initial Officer Training Overview B asic recruit training for officers is Initial Officer Training (IOT) and is designed to prepare you for life as a leader. Whichever specialisation a trainee chooses, they will be working onboard the RAFs aircraft around the world, potentially with some of the most advanced electronic equipment in the RAF. In 1989 RAF Strike Command consisted … Providing a graphics design, multimedia, photography and video service to No 22 (Training) Group and the wider RAF. training that is not formal trade or branch training. The Royal Air Force Regiment is the ground fighting force of the Royal Air Force. Im joining the gym next week as well. The RAF will teach trainees the skills necessary to survive and fight in a military environment. The OSIC programme provides an overview of OACTU’s training ethos, organisation and administration, a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of leadership instruction and an opportunity to develop personal leadership and team skills. RAF officers spin-up on 820th SFG roles, mission, training. During the RAF course the recruits learned basic combat tactics, advanced fieldcraft skills and completed live fire training, alongside a physical training programme. Find out what is required of you at the RAF Regiment Potential Gunner Selection Course and the Potential Regiment Officer Course at RAF Honington. This training develops their understanding of the nuances of fighting around airfields and the complex terrain they present. They are also involved in all aspects of Force Protection planning and may perform other duties as part of the RAF Operations Support Branch. As Non-Commissioned Aircrew (NCA) trainees will face plenty of challenges, from serving on operations to developing their leadership skills. If you would like to read some interesting, if not thought-provoking, articles on military inspections, parades and basic training then view: Listed are some links which the reader may find useful: Reilly, J. All officers, regardless of role, will complete their initial training at the RAF College Cranwell. In addition to deputising for the Commandant across all areas of the post holder’s portfolio, the Deputy Commandant heads the College Headquarters which has both a policy and a supporting function. With the exception of RAF Regiment Gunners (discussed later), initial training for all airmen/airwomen takes place at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire and lasts for 10-weeks. This training includes instruction in First Aid, Weapon Training, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defence, Skill at Arms, Recuperation and Live Firing. You’re up early, you muster outside your block like you have every other morning and you are met by your regular flight staff, you go to breakfast as usual in the mess and then you march down to begin your day with the Regiment. Trainees will undertake marching and drill lessons and learn about the RAFs core values and code of conduct and the history of the RAF. Range Management Qualification (RMQ), the course is 4-weeks long and consists of the standard 2 week RMQ course, which is the same as the one conducted at TAG (UK)/TAG (G). There will also be detailed lectures about air power and the qualities and responsibilities of an SNCO (Senior Non-Commissioned Officer). In addition, trainees will learn about how the RAF carries out its national defence role and works with other organisations all over the world. EFT duration is inclusive of 5-weeks ground school and Fast Jet Lead in course, and is dependent on weather and time of year. Its current commander is Air Vice-Marshal Alan Gillespie , and has been since September 2019. endstream endobj startxref Prior to graduation trainees will sit exams in Maths, Defence Writing and Essential Service Knowledge. Force Protection Training Squadron comprises the Regiment Training Flight and the Training Support Flight consisting of RAF Regiment, Personnel Support and Mechanical Transport trade group personnel. The Air Officer Commanding (AOC) No 22 (Training) Group, an Air Vice-Marshal, is the head of No 22 (Training) Group which exists to recruit and train RAF personnel and provide trained specialist personnel to the RAF and the other two Services. Who Can Be Affected by Piriformis Syndrome? RAF Honington is home to three front-line RAF Regiment field squadrons. Changing the Guard, August 10, 2013, Scots Guards, RAF Regiment, Band of the Coldstream Guards - Duration: 23:33. Ive already been to a careers office but they didnt give me alot of information. In the first six months of service, airmen/airwomen have the right to give 14 days’ notice to leave, subject to completing 28 days’ service. MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. (AFPN) -- Two members from the Royal Air Force, Force Protection Centre at RAF Honington, United Kingdom, recently visited the 820th Security Forces Group at Moody Air Force Base, Ga., as part of an exchange program between the units. After nearly 14 years of service in the Royal Air Force, Flight Lieutenant Chris Bradshaw has traveled 4,300 miles from the Force Protection Force of the RAF Regiment to share his expertise with the 820th Base Defense Group, here. In preparation for graduation, trainees will also start to incorporate weapons handling into their drill lessons. Detailed information on how we select and train RAF Reserves Officers. The course runs at a demanding pace and requires a robust level of physical fitness. Leading aircraftsmen/women and below who wish to be considered for commissioning must meet the appropriate eligibility criteria for direct entrants including the required qualifications (for example, NCA must have completed a three-year tour of duty at the time of entry into IOT). As a result of the new programme, trainees are not only learning about the fundamentals of Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) within the wider context of Air FP, but are gaining a wider appreciation of the future battle space that they might find themselves operating within. h�b```��2z" �����.�n�X̰0���|X�����⃓X���Z')�� 00v40pt e;:�::ڀ@�A� legal officers, medical officers & chaplains), begin their RAF career on the Specialist Entrant and Re-Entrant (SERE) course at the RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire. Examining Wing of the CFS is responsible for quality control of flying training throughout the RAF, and on behalf of overseas air forces. As well as learning about the RAF’s ethos, culture and history, trainees will learn more about how the RAF expects its officers to present themselves and communicate with others. IOT is made up of three terms, each lasting 10 weeks (Table 4). There are a number of Squadrons that form part of the Officer and Aircrew Training Unit; each having a distinct remit and their own traditions. No.2 Flying Training School is a Flying Training School (FTS) of the Royal Air Force (RAF).It is part of No. After the SERE course, PQs will complete a Basic Air Warfare Course at RAF College Cranwell before moving to the Defence Medical Services Training Group for a 2-week course where they will learn about the delivery of medical care in the RAF. The Commandant of RAF College Cranwell, an Air Commodore, is also the Director of Recruitment and Initial Training (DRIT). LTS works across the whole of OACTU, in partnership with all the other training squadrons, to ensure the highest quality of coaching and mentoring in the field of leadership. LTS was formed following a 2004 review of the training conducted at Cranwell. Fitness will be part of the daily routine, so there is lots of physical training throughout the course. Air Ops and More. Its principal purpose is to counter our adversaries across a wide spectrum of threats, wherever and whenever necessary. The Defence Survival Evasion Resistance and Extraction Training Organisation with units based at HMS Sultan, RAF St Mawgan and Chicksands is also under DACOS TM command. No. Using their leadership skills, trainees will guide a team through a variety of challenges. Trainees spend several days in a military training area, completing a series of time-sensitive exercises in full military gear. It was felt that as leadership was such a key element of any Officer or NCA training, there needed to be a dedicated squadron; the purpose of which is to promote leadership excellence throughout the RAFC Cranwell training. Im joining the RAF as a regiment gunner in 2011 in February Ive started working out about 2 months ago but low intensity workouts mainly upper body using dumbbells. Such training can be individual or collective. RAF Strike Command. An Annual Formal Inspection (AFI) is carried out by the AOC No 22 (Training) Group and encompasses a range of activities, briefings and meetings on RAF stations which are encapsulated within the training remit of the AOC. The values, beliefs and code of conduct demanded by the Service are developed and nurtured throughout training in order to create a sustained interest and pride in the history of the RAF for the Cadets to take with them into their professional training and beyond. 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During the RAF course the recruits learned basic combat tactics, advanced fieldcraft skills and completed live fire training, alongside a physical training programme. The AMP&C is in charge of all aspects of recruiting, non-operational flying and ground training, career management, welfare, terms and conditions of service, and resettlement for RAF regular, reserve and civilian staffs worldwide. Fitness will become part of the daily routine and there will be regular inspections of dress and living quarters. Conducting Staff Advisory Visits in respect of physical education (PEd) and training development (TD) activity on all RAF stations and units (including OCUs); Management and development of Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction (SERE) Training; Provision of Force Development Training capacity for all phases of training; Determining and staging Continued Professional Development (CPD) programmes for Administration (Training) officers, Physical Education officers (PEdOs), and Physical Training Instructors (PTIs), as well as overseeing PEd and PTI selection and formal training. The CWOC lasts one week and is delivered by A Squadron of OACTU. The development of No 22 (Training) Group Estate Strategy. Consequently, the sense of belonging is cultivated in the cadets at the earliest stage of their RAF careers and provides a platform upon which a pride and real belief in their Service can be developed. The Non-Commissioned Aircrew Initial Training Course (NCAITC); B, C and D Squadrons are the main Initial Officer Training Squadrons. The first woman to join an infantry regiment since defence chiefs lifted a ban on females serving in combat units has quit after just two weeks of training, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. It assesses the full spectrum of FP operations from base security, post attack recovery and counter intruder tactics to off base counter-threat kinetic action. Also part of CFS is the Royal Air Force aerobatic team, the Red Arrows. With an annual budget of some £435 million (excluding service pay) the Group has a staff of over 7,500 with an annual through put of around 55,000 trainees. The history of the Royal Air Force, the air force of the United Kingdom, spans a century of British military aviation.. Exercise (Ex) FIELDCRAFT 3, now renamed Ex ALPHA, focuses on surveillance and target acquisition, defence of forward deployed air operations and the asymmetric Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threat. Utilising residential courses, on-unit face to face (and FD) activities, tutor supported distance learning and e-learning; Introduction of a warrant officer development programme; Re-profiling the junior officer command and staff training course; and. Its principal purpose is to counter our adversaries across a wide spectrum of threats, wherever and whenever necessary. 0 One of these will take place at the RAFs adventurous training centre in Scotland. RAF Holmpton is a former Cold War era nuclear bunker that was built in the 1950s as an early warning radar station as part of the ROTOR Radar Defence Programme. All throws count as an attempt- there are no practice throws. Table 1: Outline of the Basic Recruit Training Course at RAF Halton. They are also known as Rock Apes The camp is a satellite station of RAF Honington. The rotary-wing element, bases at RAF Shawbury, also houses the RAF Helicopter Flying Training School. Lower your body in one controlled movement until your chest is a few inches off the floor. 1469 0 obj <> endobj Changing the Guard, August 10, 2013, Scots Guards, RAF Regiment, Band of the Coldstream Guards - Duration: 23:33. Royal Air Force (RAF) flying trainees undergo a number of phases of training during the process of becoming a RAF pilot. This course is aligned with the Army All Arms [Pre-] Parachute Selection Course and is used to select personnel to serve in the numerous RAF Regiment parachute roles. NCA start with 10 weeks of initial training at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire, followed by 11 weeks of leadership training at the RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire (Table 2). A simulated military operation will give trainees the opportunity to demonstrate all the skills they have learnt so far. International Defence Training (IDT): training in support of Defence Diplomacy and marketing and selling spare RAF training capacity to UK and overseas customers. Im joining the RAF as a regiment gunner in 2011 in February Ive started working out about 2 months ago but low intensity workouts mainly upper body using dumbbells. It is one of the proudest moments in any officer’s career, as well as a great day out for family and friends. Section Three looks at Other Ranks initial training, whilst Section Four looks at commissioned officers. Flight Lt. Dave Martin and Wing Cmdr. Available from World Wide Web: LTS is responsible for the leadership syllabus delivered at RAFC Cranwell and the field leadership exercises that are used to develop the trainees’ practical implementation of the theory and skills taught in the classroom. After ten weeks of training, trainees will be ready for their graduation parade. Train as a member of a Forward Air Control team, calling in strike aircraft and helicopters in support of ground troops. Through this detailed analysis the TAC produces descriptions of the necessary skills and abilities for personnel to be able to undertake their duties. (2013) First Recruits Graduate From Longer Basic Training Course. Trainees will also undertake bayonet training, learn how to throw a grenade and use night vision equipment to work at night. As well as learning about different techniques, trainees will take part in leadership exercises – in the classroom at first and later in the field. Trainees will also receive guidance on financial awareness, fire prevention, security measures and a healthy lifestyle. International military instructors often take the course too prior to working in their home nation training establishments. The corps is a diverse organization that provides first-rate worldwide force protection to UK air assets. Ok Im hoping to join the RAF regiment this year after your initial fitness test and interview when you start training is it possible to fail and they kick you out or do they help you get stronger until you pass that what worries me that i dont want to start it all and get kicked out. Figure 1, below, presents the ‘current’ (February 2014) RAF initial military training landscape. Officers in the Corps spend much of their time planning and training for crisis situations and must therefore be capable of thinking analytically and making difficult decisions under pressure. Ok Im hoping to join the RAF regiment this year after your initial fitness test and interview when you start training is it possible to fail and they kick you out or do they help you get stronger until you pass that what worries me that i dont want to start it all and get kicked out. The RAF encourages everyone (regardless of rank) to continue their professional development throughout their career. The RAF College Cranwell, in Lincolnshire, selects and trains the RAF’s future leaders and also has responsibility for all RAF recruiting and initial training. Section Five highlights oversight and instructor training. A lot of RAF training earns civilian qualifications so, if an individual chooses to leave, employers will be able to recognise the skills the individual can offer. Javelin Gunner, at the moment (2012) the Basic Javelin Gunner course is conducted. Begin on the floor with your arms straight (supporting your body) and shoulder-width apart.