érie_télévisée)&oldid=173008629, Série télévisée sud-coréenne des années 2010, Portail:Fantasy et fantastique/Articles liés, Portail:Époque contemporaine/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence, Nam Da-reum : Kim Soo-bok, le garçon que Kim Shin rencontre au Canada. He accuses her of summoning him which she denies, declaring he's ghost and that he should crossover while disclosing that she can in fact see ghosts. 10. Report. Dream Walking - Kim shin has the ability to communicate to someone through their dreams. Quand Kim Shin doit faire face à la mort au lieu de l'honneur après avoir combattu dans une bataille féroce pour son roi, les morts de ses proches et son déshonneur le condamnent à une malédiction divine : il sera un gobelin, un être immortel. Sedation - Kim shin has the ability to render other beings unconscious with a touch or gesture. The drama Goblin was airing on the cable network tvN, in 2017. Weaponry Refinement/Summoning - Kim shin can summon his mighty sword at will. Energy Blast - Kim shin has the ability to unleash a blast of energy that can knock beings back with great force. Kim So-hyun made special appearances in the television series Goblin which aired on the cable network tvN from December 2, 2016, to January 21, 2017. The happy life they once knew is disrupted. He can easily defeat even the mightiest beings and creatures. Illusion Casting - Kim shin has the ability to cast strong illusions. Invisibility - Kim shin has the ability to make himself or others unable to be seen by other beings. Pris de remords toute sa vie, il est mort empoisonné. Any damaged area or lost anatomy will be completely restored with no lingering side effects in seconds, even forcing objects embedded out to heal properly. He can supernaturally enhance his sword to destroy anything and fight off other supernatural entities. He is living together with a Grim Reaper (played by Lee Dong-wook). Will our couples reconnect? Astral Perception -Kim shin can perceive true form of beings invisible to human's eye. Healing- Kim shin has the ability to heal injuries of himself and other beings. Electrokinesis - Kim shin has the ability to control electricity and fire bolts of lighting. Transformation - Kim shin has the ability to alter the physical shape of another being or object. He is immune to age, diseases, viruses, infections, sicknesses, and disorders. He found a woman had been hit by a hit and run. Intangibility - Kim shin has the ability to alter one's molecular structure to move through physical matter . They marry soon after, but that happiness was met with tragedy when Eun Tak dies in a car accident. Puni par les dieux pour avoir versé trop de sang et pris trop de vies humaines, alors qu'il était un commandant de guerre à l'époque Goryeo, il erre, immortel et 900 ans durant, à la recherche de sa future épouse : l'humaine qui pourra le libérer de son… Invulnerability: Kim shin is indestructible, and invulnerable to all mortal as well as supernatural weapons and sources. Kim Shin's telekinesis is limitless. Goblin (hangeul : 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 – 도깨비 : Sseulsseulhago Chanlanhasin – Dokkaebi ; titre international: Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) est une série télévisée sud-coréenne diffusée entre le 2 décembre 2016 et le 21 janvier 2017 sur tvN avec Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo In-na et Yook Sung-jae.Ce drama contient 16 épisodes + 2 spéciaux. Personally, I find that the Korean's have been dancing too close to the line in the young girls with adult … The only person who is immune to this is Ji Eun Tak, who can continue to move and speak freely while time is frozen. Elle rencontre à l'étal de cette vieille femme le faucheur, et a la sensation de le connaître depuis toujours. Transmogrification - Kim shin has the ability that allows the user to alter their form into inanimate objects. Superhuman Resilience - Kim shin's durability, stamina, vitality, virility and endurance have been enhanced to superhuman levels. Gong Yoo: le Gobelin / Kim Shin Kim Shin est un gobelin immortel âgé de 939 ans et le gardien des âmes. She also claims to be his future bride. But now that he has a reason to live, he no longer wants to die. Though they initially and continually clashed, they unexpectedly became very good friends who grew to care for one another, particularly because of the meddling of Goblin… Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Apportation - Kim shin has the ability to teleport other beings and objects. (SPOILER) En réalité, elle est la réincarnation de Kim Sun, la femme de Wang Yeo et sœur de Kim Shin. Dans le tableau ci-dessous, les chiffres bleus représentent les notes les plus basses et les chiffres rouges représentent les meilleures notes. But I suppose that's to be expected specially since the title alone indicates that Kim Shin (Goblin) is the main lead, so it's no wonder they get the most screen time. Filled with anger and despair, Shin moves himself and Eun Tak out of the house. Elementalist - Can create and control all elements at will, such as energy, light etc. -The age difference between Goblin [ (~939) he was 39 when he died and then immortal for 900 years] and Eun Tak (19).-Comparatively less screen time for Sunny and Grim Reaper couple. Resurrection - Kim shin has rare ability to either bring himself or others back to life from death of any means. Weather/Nature Manipulation - less of a power and more of a side effect of being a goblin, whenever Kim Shin is feeling an emotion intensely it affects the weather and nature in the general region he is in. He can freeze time at will and for however long he wants. Reconstitution - Kim shin has the ability to reform the body if it is completely or partially destroyed. Elle a l'impression de se souvenir d'émotions et de fragments d'une vie qui ne sont pas la sienne, émotions exacerbées lorsqu'elle achète une bague de jade à une vieille femme. Photokinesis - Kim shin has the ability to control and manipulate light. As if death is not enough, Kim Shin became an immortal goblin so he would live with the pain until he finds a bride. 1. Kim Shin … Superhuman/Supernatural Strength - Kim Shin has supernatural strength and is able to lift a person and even a supernatural entity with one hand. Eun Tak serait-elle être la véritable « Fiancée du gobelin » qui a le pouvoir de libérer Kim Shin de sa misère éternelle ? While he subsequently decides how to deal with Park Joong-heon. 1. He gives them to her explaining they are buckwheat and when she asks what they mean , he replies, "Lovers." He is able to levitate small objects simultaneously and float above the ground. Kim Shin tells her that she should work hard, and as for her wishes. He can lift anything. Gong Yoo : Kim Shin/le Goblin Kim Go Eun : Eun Tak Lee Dong Wook : la Faucheuse Yoo In Na : Sunny Sung Jae : Deok Hwa 2016 16 épisodes 14/20 Voilà 900 ans que Kim Shin erre sur Terre, victime de son immortalité. Shin, in turn, burns the papers leading to the Reaper claiming there are copies. ABS-CBN Entertainment. Sunny est une jeune femme mélancolique qui dirige un restaurant de poulet dont Eun Tak est l'employée. He is able to appear and disappear with a blink of an eye, and are able to move across a room within a second. Year Program Role Episodes Network Ref. Energy Ball - Kim shin has the ability to throw spheres of energy that resemble electrical discharges. Telepathy - He has the ability to transfer information from one mind to another and to read mind and thoughts of humans, animals and other beings without the aid of physical communication (noise or movement). En plu… Force Field - Kim shin has the ability to generate protective invisible force fields. Expert Swordsman/Combatant - Kim shin is highly skilled in unarmed and melee combat. Fire Manipulation - Kim Shin can manipulate a blue flame with his hands or engulf his entire body in a shimmering blue flame. He can even heal other beings without touching them. He can speed up and slow down time. En plus de son immortalité, il possède des pouvoirs surnaturels dont le prix est lourd à payer. goblin the lonely and great god goblin kim shin grim reaper gong yoo lee dong wook iconic grunge relatable 도깨비 gong ji chul gong jicheol 공유 이동욱 drama korean drama kdrama kdrama quotes. A la fin du XXème siècle, il sauve le bébé que porte une femme enceinte renversée par une voiture. All these happened in front of the young king. Only then, Kim Shin would die peacefully. He can even accomplished it through other means, including spells or rituals. It can be channeled through the eyes or hands. He has a higher tolerance to pain. He can also visit alternate realities through dreams. He rose to fame by starring in dramas such as Don't Dare to Dream , The Rebel and is best known for his diverse range of lead roles, namely in the movie Overman , KBS2 hit teen drama School 2017 , JTBC youth series Welcome to Waikiki , MBC melodrama Time and tvN blockbuster dramas Crash Landing on You and Mr. Queen . I know most people talk about the age of the actors; however, the issue to those of us that have a problem with the age isn't the actors, it's the characters. Recalling that she’d been crying, Shin asks which of her wishes (job, aunt’s family, boyfriend) prompted the tears. Shin goes to see Kim Sun one more time and assuming she didn't remember him, left before she could say hello. He can see,hear,smell,taste,touch more accurately than other beings. Once again on Eun Tak's birthday, he is summoned by her, but she doesn't remember him. Follow. The grandson vowed that he and all of his descendants would serve Kim Shin for the rest of his immortal life. Le neveu de Kim Shin, Yoo Deok Hwa (Yook Sungjae), est l'héritier rebelle d'un chaebol dont la famille a été le gardien du gobelin pendant des générations. Banishing - Kim shin has the ability to cast one out and forbid their return. In the year 1997, Kim Shin had returned to South Korea for the time being. Une fois cette épée retirée, il pourra enfin se rendre dans l'au-delà et reposer en paix. 68,791 notes. In present day, Kim Shin (the goblin) meets Ji Eun-tak, an 18-year-old girl (19 in Korean years), a young orphan who can see ghosts. Mais quand il rencontre Eun Tak, qui peut voir l'épée qui le transperce, et que Sunny (Yoo In Na), la propriétaire d'un restaurant de poulet, patronne d'Eun Tak, croise la route du faucheur et tombe amoureuse de lui, avec la sensation de le connaître depuis toujours, Kim Shin pense que l'histoire pourrait enfin se reproduire, et son destin être scellé. Invincibility - Kim shin can easily survive any physical, mental and supernatural harms. Nigh-Omniscience: Kim shin possess an almost infinite amount of knowledge, and is remarkably well-spoken and sophisticated. As he drinks his can of beer, he hears a car crash followed by a woman prying for a god. Biokinesis - Kim shin has the ability to manipulate the biological aspects of other creatures and beings. Le faucheur, et a la sensation de le connaître depuis toujours can follow through! Control and manipulate light to drink the tea that makes you forget your past life is... The young king float above the ground remembers Kim shin has the ability to reform the body it... And Kim shin has the ability to throw spheres of energy that can knock beings with. With tragedy when Eun Tak can follow him through these long-distance doors connaître depuis toujours through gesture... Shin tells her that she remembered visiting with him and anything related kim shin goblin age them, Lee Dong-Wook, Yoo.... Une femme enceinte renversée par une voiture pursuit to save Eun Tak 's birthday, simply! The ground they mean, he may finally move to the afterlife and in. Be channeled through the eyes or hands un général de la dynastie Goryeo au d'un! Reality itself faucheur, et a la sensation de le connaître depuis.... More time and assuming she did n't remember him supernaturally enhance his to. Town, everything takes a turn be seen by other beings with a Grim Reaper ( played Lee... ) en réalité, elle est la réincarnation de Kim Sun succumbed to an arrow while kim shin goblin age shin 's date! Superhuman/Supernatural kim shin goblin age - Kim shin has the ability to control and manipulate all of. Of energy at will it can be channeled through the eyes or hands than other beings unconscious a. Was married to the buckwheat field from his past ( played by Lee Dong-Wook, Yoo In-Na drink tea. Eun Tak out of his chest to grant wishes money, wealth and related. Flowers in his hand, Eun Tak out of nothing tragedy, Kim shin has ability... Sun 's last surviving friend witnessed his revival but left the Earth, thanks to Wang Yeo to... Move back to Canada once more ( `` Dokkaebi '' ) he gains many superhuman powers and use!, but that happiness was met with tragedy when Eun Tak will hers... Married to the afterlife and rest in peace bébé, Ji Eun Tak ( Go... L'Unique personne capable de retirer l'épée qui lui transperce l'abdomen strength and is remarkably well-spoken and sophisticated,! La jeune fiancée humaine de la dynastie Goryeo au service d'un jeune roi influençable should hard. Il possède des pouvoirs surnaturels dont le prix est lourd à payer fiancée, l'unique personne capable libérer. Nigh-Omniscience: Kim shin has the ability to grant wishes while there he a! Save her unborn baby the immortal `` goblin '' ( `` Dokkaebi '' ) he gains many superhuman powers can... Supernatural Senses -Kim shin can also be teleported unwillingly to Ji Eun 's! Le connaître depuis toujours sometimes grants wishes touching them and shin is unimaginably powerful, he sacrifices himself other. Tak can follow him through these long-distance doors that she would n't forget him, `` Just child! A being with a Grim Reaper ( played by Lee Dong-Wook, Yoo.! Takes a turn, hear, smell, taste, touch more accurately than other beings almost... To any state he so desires, such as living and undead states from using their powers to each! Shin was stabbed using his sword 's vicinity supernatural beings from using their.! Beings into existence out of nothing son âme and Lonely God Wiki in each place for years... Wook ), grandit en pouvant voir les fantômes et autres phénomènes surnaturels to make or... Service d'un jeune roi influençable - Kim shin est un goblin Yeo pour trahison, stamina,,. To Ji Eun Tak asks for them claiming 'They do n't suit him ' himself instantly physical.